Let's Look At The Facelift Halo Gets For Its Anniversary

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Splinter Cell Trilogy… there've been plenty of HD re-issues for beloved games over the last few months. But in the video above I'll show you why the work that 343 Industries and Saber Interactive has done on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary outclasses all of those other remasters.


    i hate this kotaku flash player. Is it shit for anyone else?

      There's a player? All I'm seeing is a screenshot.

      Works fine for me here at work and at home on my tower and laptop :S

      Yep. I get green artifacts all over the player. Not just Kotaku though. I think it's to do with certain Flash compatibility issues.

      Yeah kotaku player is always crap/slow for me no matter where i am.

      At least it actually plays at work, though

      I'm only getting a screenshot...

        I read Kotaku from my iPhone. So I don't get the vid player :(

    Am I the only person that's still worried about how 343i is handling the Halo franchise?

      i dunno i'll take a backseat to this one and just watch...

      on one hand they could completely screw over the Halo Universe and franchise
      on the other, maybe what the Halo franchise need is fresh minds with new ideas

      >Bungie ends the main story Trilogy on a conclusion/cliffhanger depending on how you want to look at it
      >343i announce another trilogy, MC suddenly has a jetpack of sorts, and weapons not present in the end of Halo 3.

      IMO Halo is already ruined by Announcing more games. Halo 6? fuck off. Anyway, they've already proven it to be non-canon in my eyes. Let's see how low they can go.

        I don't think it's ruined, but I do think they should take the series into another direction. I was thinking of having an FPA game with Chief and Cortana. If it's just another FPS game with nothing new then they really are just milking it.

          It's not ruined? Dude, the story is.

          Let's play through Halo 1, then 2, then 3, then watch the 4 trailer. Where did all that stuff come from? It would have been handy in the last game.

          Let's play Reach, then 1. Where did all that stuff go? Why can't the MC sprint, use a jetpack or all else?

            If they didn't add any new features then people would have complained about it being the same.

              They could have just placed those in multiplayer and been done with them. The campaign now just doesn't fit in terms of what the player can and cannot do. Prequel with inferior armour; I can use a jetpack, I can sprint, I can roll around, I can lock up my armour at will.

              First game: I can't use a jetpack, I can't sprint, I can't lock up my armour, I Can use every weapon but the energy sword. I'm meant to be a great warrior but my weaker bretheren could do more than I.

              Second game: I can dual-wield every one-handed weapon. Except the energy sword for unknown reasons.

              Third game: I can't dual-wield some guns I could in the second game; apparently in a small space of time after I ninja onto a Covenant ship, the Needler has been completely redesigned and I can now wield the gravity hammer.

              Fouth game: Jetpack out of nowhere! Boy would that have been helpful the last three games back!

              Where are these same-complaining people? I'd like to introduce them to Call of Duty.

      343i have Frankie - he'll keep things in order.

        Yeah, but one person isn't the reason why something is good. It's always a group effort.


            He's not the sole reason. He's just the reason why they can keep delaying games until they're finished. In fact, there's been plenty of games he hasn't worked on that met good success.

              Kojima :)

                I always envision Kojima standing over people as they work and if they make a mistake he cracks the whip.

                Seriously look at the difference between Portable Ops and Peacewalker. The only mention of Portable Ops in PW was, 'Let's leave all that crap in San Hieronymo behind.'

                The man has determination I'll give him that.

      Isn't 343 staffed by some ex-bungie employees who just wanted to work on halo?

    Man that actually looks REALLY good... maybe i should give halo another shot...

      It looks gorgeous. Same old game, stunning facelift. I'm sold!

    I'm sold! There goes the bank balance...

    If they make more pew pew space ship levels then you've got me.
    Even running around a space station with explosions happening outside is pretty neat. Do that more too!

    Jetpack... meh. new weapons, hrm... Just find a way to work the story into it and you'll have me interested. Especially for $43 at ozgameshop. nice one Pixel.

    If anyone else saw those cartoons 343 industries made, that last one has some neat looking space bike/ship things in it that look like fun to blow up stuff with.

      343i didn't make those cartoons. They were outsourced.

    I've just burnt through the first two levels and it's like when you find an old book and pick it up after ten years and read the first page and suddenly find you've read 40. Instantly, pleasantly familiar, yet distant enough to not feel like a drag. It looks nice and shiny, but those expecting CoD/BF3 level visuals will be disappointed. Personally I love how it looks, but I've always loved the aesthetic of the Halo universe. The only thing that limits the impact of how this looks upgraded (in comparison to, say, the ICO/SotC jump) is that we've all been playing Halo in HD for the last three titles anyway. So if anything this is a step down from Reach. Still, I'm enjoying it very much. Silent Cartographer, here I come!

    Is it just me or does everything seems cartoon-like now?

    What's up with the dark going to bright and see everything. Halo CE had mood and that uncanny feeling of being desperate. Where has that gone?

      Probably nowhere. lol. I think the brightness/dark was something alot of people complained about, was more to cover up low res textures - I liked using the torch though. Maybe some of the game is still really dark...who knows. I mean if you really wanna play the original just do it - its on the marketplace and it's in Anniversary.

      I don't get complaining about wanting something how it used to be - if you want it to be how it used to be, just play the damn original - what's the issue?

    So much fun. I just played a whole level in the original palate and it was good, but playing it in the updated version proves what a good job 343 have done. I only they'd fixed some of the checkpoints.

    There's not 'brighter colors' on those Covenant... there's just a light over them now :-P


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