Let's Overdose On Plastic Figures, M'Kay?

Starting today, the Tamashii Nation 2011 figure event kicked off in Akihabara. Wrapping up on Nov. 27, the event showcases upcoming plastic figurines.

"Tamashii" means "soul" or "spirit" in Japanese, and Namco Bandai's Tamashii moniker brings that passion to toys and figurines.

On display, there were Namco Bandai toy properties like Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Dragonball.

There are new additions that weren't at this past summer's Tamashii Nation, namely characters from Senran Kagura, that 3DS booby ninja game. Who didn't see that merchandising coming from a mile away?

More photos in the links below, courtesy of Japanese website Moeyo.

「マクロスF」「ギアス」「閃乱カグラ」etc・・・ [Moeyo.com]

「ワンピ」「ブリーチ」「ギアス」「タイバニ」そして「閃乱カグラ」 まで! [Moeyo.com]

「タイバニ」「スーパー戦隊」「仮面ライダー」etc・・・ [Moeyo.com]


    I love the Tiger and Bunny mechas. The only other one I noticed was Zero

    Do anyone know if that Cecilia Alcott figure is a custom made one, or an official release? I've been waiting like crazy for an armored IS figurine release!

      It's an official release by Bandai at around $110 on schedule for next March, here's more info http://myfigurecollection.net/item/91507_is_infinite_stratos_cecilia_alcott_agp_bandai

        Ooo, nice site for the figurines, thanks for that, much appreciated. Price is a litle high for it considering though, seems more like an $80 product.

    RG Strike Freedom... Gnar. Bandai need to re release every kit in that scale, I have no room for 1/100's and up.

    Daaaaaaang those Kamen Rider figurines are sexy!

    What a fucking tease! I'll be in Tokyo tomorrow night.

    extreme wantage of the Gundam ones

    Can someone please explain to me that massive muscle guy with both his hands stuffed down his posing pouch?

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