Like A (Big) Boss

This video was made in 2009, but I don't think it's been posted here... If it has I apologise in advance and offer this excuse -- it's Saturday and I'm supposed to be playing Skyrim! That said, this vid is top quality, mixing in music from Lonely Island's 'Like A Boss' with footage from the Metal Gear Solid series, mostly MGS3 because it's lead character was, quite literally a (Big) Boss.

Thanks Adam!


    Not to be a Nazi but *its

    God i love MGS3, this video, not so much.

    i actually enjoyed that ... oh and mgs3 is awesome.

    The video was ok I guess, but that accoustic MGS theme at the end gave me the goosebumps!


      And you haven't yet why? I've been playing my copy for a couple of days now. Arrived last week in the mail because I'm not going to wait for a Euro release date. And region free games!

    I liked it cause anything Metal Gear gets me excited. Speaking of which Mark, I will in a couple of days be getting the HD collection at my doorstep, oh and it will be the collectors edition too curtosey of a friend who went to the USA last week.
    I know your jealous Mark, heck I'd be too lol. :-P
    p.s. You actually get any Skyrim this weekend?

    aww man it had to end with the MGS theme... urghh.. feelin sentimental.

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