Look It's Minecraft Playing On An iPhone... Sorta

Minecraft - Pocket Edition, released for Android back in August, has finally made its way to the iPhone today. Keeping with the company's long history of never actually finishing the popular mining game, the iPhone version is listed as alpha build 0.1.2. That doesn't mean it's not worth getting, just that it's a work in progress.

Unlike the full-blown Minecraft, a game set for its first finished release later this week for PC, there are no exploding Creepers to worry about, or crafting, or day and night cycles or promise of adventure. Instead the iPhone version is simply a Minecraft Eden, a place to build and dig. And it works fairly well.

The game comes with 36 different blocks to work with, the ability to save your work on the iPhone or iPad and support for multiplayer worlds over a local Wi-Fi connection.

The main reason I picked this up, though, is the promise of what's to come. I enjoy tinkering in Minecraft - Pocket Edition, but my completely baseless expectations are that it will improve quite a bit over time. I hope, though I don't know, that eventually we will get an adventure mode or the ability to export creations to the PC version. That would be grand.


    Absolutely FURIOUS that I waited so long for it to find I can't playing on my 2G ipod touch... it won't update beyonf 4.2.1, I jailbroke and and managed to fake the firmware version, bought it, but it won't install.

    Ah well. main 1.0 will be out soon.

      That Ipod's hardware is too shit, get a newer one.

    Its ok... it crashes a lot though even on my iPad 2.

    When it works, its really smooth and its easy to control for a touch screen game.

    I can see potential in this but they need to get the crashing bug fixed first.

      Is it just Creative mode or is survival included? If it is, I can see I won't be getting much work done today.

        Its more like the classic version you can play for free.

        Considering that its still only an alpha v0.1.2, there is room for more features in the future.

    you know what would be really cool? if it actually went all out cross platform and we were able to connect to pc servers with it. :)

    Tried it out on Android and it's just too limited at this point for me to enjoy.. I was hoping they'd create something a ltitle different for smartphone than just trying to recreate the game..

    If youve got a WP7. . . get Survivalcraft.
    Available today.

    They want $7.50 for a 2.5MB alpha file?

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