Magneto’s Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Suit Is Again A Royal Pain For Spain

Magneto’s Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Suit Is Again A Royal Pain For Spain
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About six years ago, Marvel needed to give Magneto a uniform befitting a head of state for his appearance in The Pulse: House of M Special. It was, as that image above suggests, a straight copy of the duds King Juan Carlos wears as World’s Most Interesting Man Captain General of the Armies. The royal house protested to Marvel, there was an apology and a resolution, and that was allegedly that.

Well, like all great comic book clashes, this one has returned when everyone least expected it. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has included Magneto in that uniform as one of the skins in its downloadable content offerings, which began on Tuesday. And so, again, Zarzuela Palace has to get involved and ask the purveyors of such vulgar arts to stop appropriating royal symbols for sale to the masses.

The royal house has contacted Koch Media, the game’s distributor in Spain, to warn that the depiction may infringe copyright. I’m not sure how this works, exactly, as the uniform will be available by digital distribution, not physical media (at least for now.) Koch Media responded by saying that the uniform has not been explicitly said to be a copy of King Juan Carlos’ official garb. But it seems like Capcom saw it in the 2005 special, asked to use it, and no one at Marvel remembered what a foofaraw it caused.

Magneto in this uniform will be available on Dec. 20, Heraldo reports. Capcom could not be reached for comment.

Royal Palace Asks Magneto to Stop Dressing Like the King [Heraldo, translated to English by Google. h/t Victor]


  • In the same position, I’d think it was badass Marvel was basing Magneto’s garb on mine. Then again, royalty are usually elitists who look down on anything commoners might find entertaining. Like comics.

    Much more proper to go out and shoot pheasants or something.

    • Maybe he doesn’t like having his uniform used for the major villain of the X-men universe? Kind of like ‘people who wear this uniform are evil’

      • But Magneto isn’t so bad. He’s just an eye for an eye kind of man. No pussyfooting about with people’s precious feelings or any such nonsense. Greater good and all. He’s a cruel man, cruel but fair.

        • Granted I’m no comic expert, but from what I’ve seen he’s far from fair, he wants all humans gone, even the ones that have nothing against mutants, hell if it wasn’t for that one amazing injustice i’d be all for him, always wished there was a middle ground faction between magneto and X. Greater good sure, but kill for no good reason, nah.

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