Make And Bake Your Own Video Game Food!

In video games, food is all important. It provides us with sustenance, keeps that health bar at safe levels and gives us those nutritious points our avatars so sorely need. Gourmet Gaming is a website that shows you how to create that scrumptious in-game food in real life. Feel like feasting on the Portal Cake? Or chomping down on the chunk of meat from Golden Axe? Gourmet Gaming will show you how!

I enjoy cooking, and like to think I'm not half bad, but some of this may be outside my skill set -- especially the cakes! That said, it is quite good to rattle through and take a look at the effort being put in. Some are basic, cheesecake is cheesecake, for example, but others have a real eye for detail.

Bleh, maybe I'm just posting this because I skipped breakfast and I'm so hungry...

Thanks Scott!


    That's insanely awesome. I love all the Creepy Treats from Costume Quest and the Starkos from Beyond Good & Evil. I skipped breakfast too and now want food, damn it. FOOD.

    Mark this is food from video games, based on food from real life. So really it's just food. But whatever gets you going. Also Kotaku US ran this a while back.

      The website has more interesting thing son it now. Not to mention, what if someone wanted to make something from a video game and had no idea where to start.
      I agreed with you when I first saw it on the US article, but now the website has various things that I would never have thought of, such as the mossy log.

    I really want to try the Cluckin' Bell burger!!! mmmm tasty!

    This is a great idea, why didn't I think of that?
    *goes off to see if she has ingredients for Skyrim Sweet Roll*

    I'm happy with regular old floor chicken

    I made a portal cake... but it didn't come out anywhere near as good. :(

    This is the best website. Food + video games = win

    mmmmmm cake... nomnomnom

    I always used to get hungry when I read Asterix books, those spit roasted boar legs looked so juicy

    My girlfriend made me this for my birthday (along with portal 2)!|
    Its amazing! :P

      (The Companion cubes are edible!)

    That cake is so awesome. I wonder what the portal cake would look like?

    these perhaps?

    I always wanted to see how a ration was inside. Now I´m hungry.

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