Man Builds Giant World Of Warcraft Hammer

In World of Warcraft, there is Thrall. And Thrall uses a giant hammer called, awesomely, Doomhammer. It used to exist only inside the game. That is, until Harrison Krix got his hands on it.

The mastermind behind Volpin Props, whose work we've featured before (like his amazing Mass Effect rifle) has hit it out of the park again with this piece, which looks about as real as a giant weapon from a make-believe video game world can get.

The gallery above contains shots of the finished product, while you can see progress pics at the link below.

Thrall's Doomhammer, Warcraft [Volpin Props]


    I've always wondered how mighty weapons can handle the tasking of smiting when they're stylishly cracked?

    Is it made with actual metal? I wonder how much it weighs

    blacksmithing up 1 level

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