Man Shoves Xbox 360 Down His Pants, Gets Tasered

I am eternally grateful to Gamepron for alerting me to this incredible story. In short — man tries to get a job at Best Buy in the US. Man gets declined. Man steals Xbox 360 for justice. Man shoves Xbox 360 down his pants. Man gets tasered. The end.

23 year old Timothy Joseph Mandes, applied for a job at a local Best Buy in Bethlehem Township, but store manager Jake Gruver decided against hiring him. Mandes then left the building after loitering near the games section of the store, later they found an empty Xbox 360 box — you don't have to be Columbo to solve this case...

Surveillance footage showed that Timothy had stolen an Xbox by physically shoving the console down his pants (there's no pictorial evidence, but those would have to be some baggy pants) before strolling out of the store.

After alerting the authorities, police went to Timothy's home, chased him through the basement. After scrapping with cops and resisting arrest, police were forced to taser Mandes in order to calm him down.

Mandes has been charged with retail theft, resisting arrest, flight to avoid apprehension and disorderly conduct. He is in Northampton County Prison under $15,000 bail.

No Xbox 360s were harmed during the arrest. We can only assume he had removed the console from his pants at the time of tasering.

Police: After turned down for job, man steals Xbox [The Morning Call]

Thank you so much Gamepron!



    Should have taken a Wii - no one would have cared then.

      I think it's more that no policeman would be brave enough to go up to a guy and say "Sir, do you have a Wii in your pants?"

    haha that's amazing!

    I feel sorry for the person thats going to end up with that 360.

    but why would he resist arrest over stealing a console, just own up and say I was angry because of what the boss said and pay for the console. But this is America and ever one needs there 15 seconds of news fame.

      That 360 Is worthless now !

      Or worth more. Depending on who you ask :P

      often when caught in the act, people don't act rationally, instead they go "OH SHI OH SHI OH SHI OH SHI"

    "Don't tase me bro!"
    Seriously though, why steal a 360 just because you get turned down for a job? Why not go out, find a similar job then come back with some experience?

      Looked for jobs lately? All the similar jobs want experience, every job wants experience. While I don't understand his actions, I could completely understand his frustration.

        Not in the US job market no, I can also understand his frustration but to take it to that extreme is just plain wrong/dumb. A bit of restraint, acceptance and resolution to find a similar job would've served him better than shoving an Xbox down his pants, getting chased around his home and tased by the cops

        Heh yeah and they only hire people under 20 so they can pay them less but they all demand 10 years of experience

    How do you hide someting like that in your trousers?
    Where do you find the room?

    Maybe part of the reason he didn't get the job because he rocked up to an interview in baggy trackpants...

    Another crap article about more idiots in America.

    Where's the "Only in America" tag? :P

    where could he fit an Xbox 360 in his pants?..
    *insert token line about "red ring"; of death or otherwise*

    "..police went to Timothy’s home, chased him through the basement.", should be read as .."police went to Timothy’s home, chased him through his parent's basement.".

    "After scrapping with cops and resisting arrest, police were forced to taser Mandes in order to calm him down."

    Chill out, little buddy. They're only going to taser you.

    oh i thought he put the xbox down his pants at it shocked his balls

    that would of been way better

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