Man Shoves Xbox 360 Down His Pants, Gets Tasered

Man Shoves Xbox 360 Down His Pants, Gets Tasered

I am eternally grateful to Gamepron for alerting me to this incredible story. In short — man tries to get a job at Best Buy in the US. Man gets declined. Man steals Xbox 360 for justice. Man shoves Xbox 360 down his pants. Man gets tasered. The end.

23 year old Timothy Joseph Mandes, applied for a job at a local Best Buy in Bethlehem Township, but store manager Jake Gruver decided against hiring him. Mandes then left the building after loitering near the games section of the store, later they found an empty Xbox 360 box — you don’t have to be Columbo to solve this case…

Surveillance footage showed that Timothy had stolen an Xbox by physically shoving the console down his pants (there’s no pictorial evidence, but those would have to be some baggy pants) before strolling out of the store.

After alerting the authorities, police went to Timothy’s home, chased him through the basement. After scrapping with cops and resisting arrest, police were forced to taser Mandes in order to calm him down.

Mandes has been charged with retail theft, resisting arrest, flight to avoid apprehension and disorderly conduct. He is in Northampton County Prison under $15,000 bail.

No Xbox 360s were harmed during the arrest. We can only assume he had removed the console from his pants at the time of tasering.

Police: After turned down for job, man steals Xbox [The Morning Call]

Thank you so much Gamepron!


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