Mario Sounds Make Traffic Accidents Less Horrible

"Guile's Theme" isn't the only thing that makes life better. So does the Super Mario Bros. theme, as evident by this video.

In it, a moped rider takes tumble in, I believe, Guizhuzi, Taiwan and, well, just watch.

Glitches in Real Life [Daily Picks and Flicks]


    It's funny because it's a scooter

    and because it has mario sounds

    and because the fething fool wasn't even wearing shoes

    i hope that hurt like hell

    People who don't use common sense while on bikes/scooters/Motorcycles/whatever shit me to tears.

    haaa! Just made my morning! Thanks.

    How does he game over when JUST earned a 1-up before losing it?

      He had -1 lives left, which brought him up to 0 lives left, and then he game overed.

      He lost an extra life because he lacked common sense

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