Mars Mission Keeps Busy Playing...Counter-Strike

As part of a study before people are actually sent to Mars, a team of volunteers spent 520 days locked inside a fake spaceship. To see if they could all stay alive and not, you know, kill each other.

It was mission success, as the six men - three from Russia and one each from China, Italy and France - emerged the other day safe and sound. So how'd they get along and not die of boredom?


According to 32 year-old participant Alexander Smoleyevsky, whenever tensions threatened to boil over between the men, they'd all settle in for a few rounds of Counter-Strike.

Which only shows these were unique men, blessed with the patience required for the epic voyage for Mars. I mean, put me up against a camper and a cheat for 17 months and I won't just get upset, I'll kill them with my bare hands.

UPDATE 1-'Mars crew' played Counter-Strike to cool tempers [Reuters]


    give it another 520 days and they'd be fragging each other for real...

      They've already done the experiment so I guess they really were patient and reasonable! I always did find CS bled my adrenaline dry.

    Me personally, I'd say the real mission should just be packed with individual versions of the latest Elder Scrolls. They'd certainly mull away the time that way... though some may eventually try to ride the shuttle in a suit of armor.

    Six guys. . . 520 days. . . yeah, Im guessing they passed time in other ways too.
    Such as routine maintenance checks and what not.

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