Masked Bandits Steal 6000 Copies Of Modern Warfare 3

As if we needed reminding of how big a commercial event the release of a new Call of Duty game is, word comes from France that a truck full of copies of the game has been hijacked by professional thieves.

On Saturday, the truck, driving through Créteil in southern Paris, was rammed by another vehicle. After the dust had settled, two men emerged from the car and used tear gas to subdue the truck's driver, making off with an estimated 6000 copies of the year's biggest game, valued at around €400,000.

6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 stolen in truck heist [CVG]


    Holy awesome. No shipment of Skyrim is safe...

    Wow. They're gonna have to start delivering these games in armoured trucks aren't they?

    So, would it be lame to make a joke here about Fox News already writing the article that says this just shows games promote criminal activity?

    Cant help but wonder if this is due to price that copy sold for on ebay. It'd make this a fairly simple but worthwhile heist.

      Except that only an idiot pays "$1700" for a game 4 days before release date...

        You're implying the world isn't full of idiots? : /

          I'd like to see verification of the sale in some form, otherwise I purely believe whoever it was who "bought it" was simply trolling the dumb prick selling it.

    i cant help but start think that these are giant publicity stunts to get people excited for the same shit they played last year

      Yeah, exactly what Ive been thinkin! All these "random" and "amazing" things happening right near the releas date of MW3!

        What like Battlefield 3 getting released? I haven't been paying attention really.

    Would have thought it would be hard to off-load 6000 stolen copies of the same game.

      Walk in to EB
      "I'd like to trade in these 6000 games please!"
      "Store credit only!"

    Couldn't they have stolen a decent game?

    Mad bastards! I can see the eBay listing now.

    MW3, brand new.

    Buy-it-now: 20 euro

    Number available: 6000

    Seller feedback: 0

    'year's biggest game' ROFL

      Not much to laugh about, MW3 will undoubtedly be the year's biggest game by sales revenue, and will likely smash the Black Ops retail record. Given the pricing, it could well be the first game to break $3 billion total revenue.

        LOL! $3 billion? I don't think the market is that big. Let's do the maths.

        Average price $70USD (around the world), let's be very generous and assume they will sell 20 million copies over the lifetime of the game. So... 20 * 70 = $1.4 billion? Add in some extra cash for people buying overpriced games and those stupid limited editions that come with a whole bag of crap. So $2billion max, maybe, if they are VERY VERY lucky. $3 billion? Dream on, the market isn't there... they are already pushing it. It's still impressive though.

    The fact it happened in Paris, and done in a cool and calculated way, just days before release screams stunt to me. How could criminals porssibly offload 6000 copies of the game without ringing alarm bells?

    Who knows, maybe we might even see the biggest bonfire of games ever seen soon.

      My thoughts too, but would IW really go so far as to ram a truck with a car? I don't see how IW could justify jeopardising the safety of other motorists just to generate more media coverage.

        Yeah but I wouldn't put it past Activision :P

      A lot of people don't realize this, but outside of the main district around the eiffel tower etc, Paris is a crime filled ghetto. You have trouble walking down the street without being threatened, there are gangs everywhere, gypsys target travellers and crime is through the roof.

      Not a surprise.

    Tbh this would make a pretty good Payday: The Heist mission. Or maybe the thieves stole the idea for this raid from the Slaughterhouse mission.

    Joke's on the thieves, Call of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 2.1 Electric Boogaloo is shit!


    Thing is, if Activision actually track their stock properly, they should know what units were on that truck, and therefore the CD/License keys for each and every copy, they should then be able to simply revoke the legitimacy of those licenses from their license activation servers. Problem hijacker fags?

      I despise the use of the word 'fags' and don't see how it made your comment any funnier.

      Your point stands, your delivery was misdirected.

    Masked Bandits and the fact that this was in France make it seem like the criminals were on horseback and the shipment was being delivered by horse and cart to the palace of Versailles. Masked Bandits ejected from their saddles armed with their finely sharpened swords and held them to the drivers throat. Then the next twenty minutes was them unloading copies of the game into rucksacks before riding off into the sunset with their swords waving in the air.

    Hmm, whats the bet there'll be some kind of DLC where you have to stop hijackers

    Well, the game is pretty much digital crack, so this doesn't surprise me at all.

    I first read the title and was like 'Oh here we go with another sensationalized piracy thread' then I did a double take and was like 'what?'

    Yay! maybe some kids will go outside and play instead of playing another crappy game of CoD

    CoD killing children's future since 29 October 2003!

    That's why i got Mw3 for 20 euros.. I live near Créteil in France.

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