Mass Effect 3's Story Leaks Online

The accidental release of a beta for Mass Effect 3 over the weekend is the least of BioWare's problems at the moment. More worrying is the fact the game's entire story has leaked online.

We're not talking a few clips or scraps of info. We're talking big chunks of the game's plot, packed to the rafters with spoilers.

While BioWare says the leak originated from "internal story files" that are "out of date and [do] not reflect the final story experience", they're obviously cautioning fans to look out in forums and the like "if they want to experience the purest form of the story in Mass Effect 3".

To show how serious BioWare is about this, members of gaming forum NeoGAF claim the site has been issued with cease & desist letters after users posted some of the information.

Mass Effect 3 is out in March 2012. So stay on your toes!

Mass Effect 3 Story Leaks [BioWare]


    I have absolutely no interest in ME3...


    My save files corrupted, so now if i play it *spoilers* Wrex will be dead and Udina is in charge...i just cant handle that!

    Commander shepard dies.. Oh wait that was me2

    ME3 has a story?
    I thought it was a collection of co-op multiplayer maps in which you level up and get to choose a few perks to slightly change a few aspects of your avatar.

    For some reason, I love being spoiled before playing/reading/watching. I can't resist searching them out!

      A recent study (I don't remember which one) said most people enjoy a story more if they know the twist, so you may be alone in admitting it, but you aren't alone in feeling as such.

        Knowing the story gives us a feeling of "MWAHAHA I AM THE CHOSEN ONE, THE PROPHET OF THE AGES, HOLDER OF DESTINY! BOW SHEPERD TO MY ALLKNOWING ALLKNOWINGNESS!". Not knowing the story gives us a feeling of "Oh snap, I wonder what's gonna happen next? I'm so excited I can't stop playing!".
        Enjoying a game is finding the balance between the two, haha ;)

    I read them this morning... my interest in ME3 has dropped significantly.


      I think you misunderstand deus ex machina...

      Deus ex machina would be like... in the last chapter of the game, an alien species we've never heard of rides in and saves the day.

      Or... at the last second, EDI finds a virus to kill everything that she never noticed for two whole games.

      Slowly building a superweapon over the course of a game (and one that was foreshadowed throughout ME2, keep in mind) isn't deus ex machina. It's a bunch of MacGuffins building up to a fairly cliched conclusion. As long as they explain why it was hidden until now, it's not entirely implausible.

      Not the most original plot in the world, sure, but I think they'll pull off the 'space action movie' vibe pretty well.

      That said, I had a lot of other issues with the draft storyline. Forced character deaths in particular.

    You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    Gonna have to read this considering origin doesnt work on my pc.

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