Meet The Guys Who Make Skyrim's Magic Happen In This New Video

Bethesda's released a taste of the documentary that will come with the collector's edition of Skyrim. The clip shows how the members of the development team grapple with the challenge of providing a wide-open canvas for an individual, player-driven experience. Todd Howard and his cohorts clearly have a sense of the risk of their endeavour and we'll all get to see how it pans out when the latest Elder Scrolls comes out in 10 short days.


    Ah. Disappointed I missed out on this DVD.
    Hmm. I'm sure it'll be uploaded later

      The DVD probably isn't worth it. You'll probably watch it once, and spend the rest of your time actually playing the game.

    Just giving everyone fair warning now, if I don't respond via Twitter, Phone or Email -- I'm not dead, just playing Skyrim.


    must consume all of it

    I really love a good Making-of-DVD... but I won't pay an extra 90 dollars for it and a plastic dragon.

    I still can't believe it cost that much. Still bummed about it.

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