Metal Gear's Mecha Will Dominate Your Desk

If you populate your desk with figurines and models, no doubt you choose your plastic and resin statues carefully. What you choose, says much about you. And if, next January, you select this Metal Gear Rex, it will say this: You have excellent taste.

Going on sale next January, this Metal Gear Rex is being produced by Hong Kong-based figure maker threeA. Kojima Productions worked closely with threeA on the piece. The level of detail on display here is stunning, as are the little lights. The Rex is over a foot-tall, and, while price hasn't been disclosed yet, expect it also to be sizable.

We first saw pics of threeA's Rex back in 2009, and we're just now picking our jaws up off the floor.

Metal Gear Rex [threeA]


    Wow. If only I had a birthday or Christmas close to January...

    Over a foot tall?

    How much do kidneys sell for these days?

      Depends on what type of kidneys and the condition they're in.............

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