Metroid's Samus Aran Made From Nintendo Cartridges

How tall would Samus Aran be in real life? The seller on this eBay item claims that it's life-size so, if this crafty piece of artwork's to be believed, she'd be about 5'6" (165cm).

The sculpture's made from defunct Nintendo games from the Japanese publisher's legacy systems, like the Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64. Originally commissioned for used games retailer JJGames, it now needs a new home. Surely some retro enthusiast out there can give Samus a loving home?

LIFE SIZE SAMUS ARTWORK Made From Video Game Cartridges [eBay]


    cool idea...though im gonna be geeky here and say that Samus would be way taller than 5' 6", because of the Chozo in her...she'd be more like 6' 5" if anything

      yes but in this she is crouching down

    So, a bunch of games that will never be played or made again? It's a beautiful piece of art, but I can't help but feel sorry for those games.

    Those games better be broken beyond belief, or this artist will be getting metric TBs of hate emails.

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