Microsoft Stores Becoming Multiplayer Hubs For Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Launch

If you're like me, you've yet to step into one of Microsoft's fine, fine retail emporiums. Nothing against ‘em, it's just that you can get everything online nowadays. Pizza. Liquid refreshment. That goes from online competition too, but Microsoft's going to be stocking its stores full of all three to commemorate the impending release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a.k.a. the re-master of the first Halo game

Next Monday, fans will be able to go to one of 13 Microsoft Stores to share in all sorts of Master Chief merriment, including pizza, Monster energy drinks and 16-player multiplayer matches. Select MS Stores will be able to hang with guys from Rooster Teeth or members of the 343 Industries and Bungie development teams. You can register to attend via Facebook and once you show up in person, you'll be eligible to receive a Grunt plushie with a pre-order. Plushies, people. Plushies.

Halo: Anniversary launch party at Microsoft Stores [Facebook]


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