Minecraft Is Out! Go Get It Dammit!

Minecraft is out. Yes, finished and out and on sale. So get to it. Go buy yourself a copy right this damn minute. It's $US26.95.

In the picture above you see Markus "Notch" Persson literally throwing the switch to make his game live during MineCon in Vegas just moments ago.

The convention also saw the unveiling of the Xbox Live version of the game and confirmation that there will be a steady stream of updates for the iOS and Android, "pocket", versions of the game.

Update: Minecraft.net is down for some maintenance. I'm assuming this is to prep the retail uploads that are about to blow in the servers they have up.

Update 2: If you already have the game downloaded just launch it and it will automatically (and very quickly) update to Minecraft 1.0.


    I got worried there for a minute. When I saw the pricing i thought I'd have to go and re-buy the game now that it's "live"

      How could you be, knowing that you were told you recieve the game when it's out at the time of purchase? :) WOOHOO

    I'll wait until mods update, I think.

      i'm not waiting, but i am super glad that its on a stable version now, hopefully it will stay 1.0 for long enough to get buildcraft etc working on it

    Hmm... So it's just survival mode?
    I was kinda expecting an intro, tutorial & objectives.
    Maybe even dialog.
    Also, my character's hand keeps turning black?
    What is this.

      it's you being a noob

      If you have a texture pack installed, you might need to either wait for the pack to be updated, or maybe just re-install the pack.

    did they fix the graphics?

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