Minecraft On Xbox 360 Promises 'Innovative New Crafting Interface'

You've seen Minecraft's Xbox 360 trailer, now see a dozen of its screenshots. Two of them showcase what will be "an innovative new crafting interface," according to a fact sheet from Microsoft.

"A streamlined interface opens at the press of a button, and players can choose from several categories of items to create," says the statement. "Minecraft on Xbox 360 explains what each object is, what it does and what is required for building so players new to the world of Minecraft can get into the action right away. Minecraft on Xbox 360 removes the barriers between you and your creativity!"

You can see examples of that interface in the final two screens of this gallery. 10 other shots show off the rest of the game's world. Yep, that looks like Minecraft alright. Gotta like the pixelated motif extended through the button command menus, too.


    I want to believe that innovative means 'improved for consoles' but it probably means 'gimped for consoles'.

      Look at the screenshot, it looks about perfect for consoles to me. Much better than the PC interface.

      it won't be 'gimped' it will be more intuitive for a gamepad, of course it will look different to the PC version. The game will be the same

    Never played mine craft, heard a lot about it, dunno what to expect or if I'll like it...
    But these screens look great. I might have to give it a go.

      Play it on your PC much better cos there are heaps of servers etc. Also it requires like no system specs so even like a 10 year old comp could play it.

        That's a terrible lie. It runs through Java and bogs down even the best computers.

        Not true at all, minecraft runs like death on anything less than 1.5 gig Ram and a decent graphics card.

          Yup. It's a sign of the times when you've got code in progress. I'm sure the resource requirements can be trimmed down if they ever get the time to optimise the code.

    Now they just need to port it to PSN and all fanboys and gamers will be happy.

    Until then, expect the constant 'WHY NO PSN ANNOUNCEMENT!'

    The improved menu just looks more complicated.

    You only need to see how many people are buying that 'Fortress Craft' on the Xbox Indie channel to realise that people want to play this game on their console.

    Having said that if I ever bought the XBLA version I'd never see my xbox again - already I'm lucky I get any time on the PC with a certain 8 year old who is absolutely obsessed with this game.

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