Minecraft Scores Perfect First Review

Minecraft is meant to come out today, but Eurogamer already had a chance to play through the game and... beat it. That's right the retail version of Minecraft has stats, buffing and an endgame with poetic pay off. It also is a game that warrants a perfect score from the reviewer Alec Meer.

Anticipation for this full release of this game has been building for years, currently if you hop onto the Minecraft.net site you can see in real time that people are registering for the site at faster than one a second. Someone, somewhere seems to be buying a copy of the game nearly ever five seconds. Already sales have topped 4 million. And it's not out yet, not until later today.

Despite the 10 out of 10 score, Meer does point out that there are some issues with the game. It's experience system and endgame both are undercooked, he says, as is its final boss battle.

But over all, Meer is a fan:

"Minecraft is a towering achievement in the very possibilities of gaming, and it does this without losing itself to either esoterica or cynicism. It is a game anyone can play and anyone can get something out of, no matter how skilled or imaginative they are. They will make something and they will have an experience that feels like theirs and theirs alone."

Head on over to Eurogamer for the review and Minecraft to be mesmerized by the steady tick of sales, or to pick up your own copy. We'll have our gut check and review coming later this month.


    Wait, "Boss Battle"?

    How long as it been since I played Minecraft??
    I'll have to check this out after work. It might've been 6 months since I last punched a block

    I'm sorry. This is why review scores are broken. How can a game that still has issues get a score that implies that it's perfect? Not to take anything away from Notch and his block smashing baby, but a fucking 10. Really?

      You are what's wrong with the gaming industry.

      No.game is perfect there are always thing some people will not like remember it's just his opinion

      i am a HUGE minecraft fan and i agree with you sir. Just because the game is awesome, it is still buggy as fuck (not that i care at all), and the game uses a lot of random generation to make it seem much more deep, the game (while it is so awesome) shouldn't receive a 10. But i suppose its apples and oranges, the game has succeeded in being what it was intended to be, so does that mean it deserves the 10? or not because compared to other modern games it is fairly simple. Also the reviewer is likely a fan, so it could be hype bias. Game reviewing can be looked at from many angles, but the magical number 10 should be reserved for like.. uncharted... GTA:SA.. games that changed the world.... then again 44 million players or something for minecraft is pretty big.. i guess i am just rambling but point is i think it should be a 9. Keep 10 for world shattering events, like Skyrim (not a 10? WTF?!)

    So wait this dude gave it 10/10 but then says it has problems. Sorry but that is not a perfect game if it has problems.

      How, why or when, does a 10 mean perfect? Every game ever made, or that ever will be made, will either have problems or be unappealing to someone for some reason. No game can ever be perfect. A 10 doesn't mean perfection, it means the game is superior to the vast majority of other games by that reviewers standards.

      If your'e going to have a scale of 1 to 10 and not ever use one of the numbers, why the hell would you use a 1 to 10 score? Or a score at all.

        The reviewer said it was 'perfect'. Gave it a 10/10, then said it had issues. Theres a contradiction right there.

        9.5/10 perhaps.

    Perhaps it was closer to a 10 than a 9, so they rounded up?

    "Already sales have topped 4 million."

    Well Minecraft has been on sale for a while.

      4 million preorders

    I remember when notch first posted the topic of his game being open alpha on TIGSource, I downloaded it (it was free at this stage) and gave it a go. It was good fun, but I could never have expected what would become of this game and how amazingly successful it has become. Well done for making it what it is today.

    Totally agree that if its not perfect, its not a 10. Bloody hell - a 10 for minecraft?

    I think you guys are getting mixed up with the meaning of a '10'. 10 isn't a perfect game, because the perfect game doesn't exist. However, it means that it is an exemplary example of gaming. It is a damn fine game, is what I'm getting at.

    While I personally don't believe that Minecraft would be warranted for such high regard (not to say that it's not a good game), I haven't played the earliest update so I wouldn't know. I'm a little sceptical of a 'boss battle', with the open ended nature of minecraft, and the less the extraordinary combat.

      MC definitely is a shining example of gaming, so from that point of view it could be a 10, but as soon as you take like graphics or bugs into account that should drop.. also don't shy away from the boss battle, it is very end game and you dont need to do it, and when you do do it, the game drops u back into the world after the credits roll, so its not like you would avoid doing it.. also as far as i can tell u get shit all for it apart from a bunch of xp.

    Who says that a 10 necessarily means that a game is perfect?

    That's completely the wrong way to look at it, imo. Especially since every game will always have some little thing wrong with it, thus being imperfect. And it's even more stupid to have it impossible for a game to score a 10. "The scale goes from 0 to 9.99 lol".

    I wanna know if Minecraft's been unbroken since 1.8. That thing ran so much annoyingly slower on my computer (even turning settings down), wanted to change back to 1.7 straight away.

      "Who says that a 10 necessarily means that a game is perfect?"

      Basic logic, really.

    I like minecraft. I've got it running right now.
    But the way we're going, 10/10 (or 100) will be meaningless. Before long. I anticipate 10+ or something.

    Because you know, Some games deserve a 10...some deserve a little more...right?

    Eurogamer has given 10s to flawed games before. Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Okami... A perfect score doesn't mean a perfect game. It does mean that the game in question is something special, and I doubt that anyone who's played Minecraft for any length of time would argue that it's not something special.

    If only a 'perfect' game could warrant a 10/10, then they would never be able to issue one, and effectively you've got a ratings system that tops out at 9. There's nothing wrong with using the whole breadth of the system they've built. Maybe it'd be worth reading the fucking review instead of whining about some number that appears at the end?

    I once had a perfect Taco. It was 10/10 in my opinion. Unfortunately for everyone else, while you may or may not have agreed with my opinion of the Taco's "perfect" status, there is no possible way for you to cross-examine my opinion of the Taco as the Taco is gone. Because I ate it. And it was perfect.


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