Minecraft's Notch Hires A Private Jet

While we have no confirmation on just how fly Minecraft creator Notch feels after renting a private jet to fly to a indie game summit, I'd expect he's approaching the G6 territory.

Dutch game mag Control posted the pic of a smiling Markus "Notch" Persson sitting in one of the jet's seats with his laptop open. True to his nature, Persson opened up the rented private jet to a couple of local indie devs as well, flying them with him on his trip to the Netherlands to attend an indie meetup in Utrecht last week.

[Remarkable photo] Game Jam in a private jet [Control — Thanks Matthijs!]


    Finish the frikkin' game that brought in all that money.

    I like minecraft, and I WANT to like Notch... but everything I see\hear about him just makes me think he's a dick.

      How does using some of the money he's made to hire a private plane and give a lift to bunch of indie developers make him a dick exactly?

    I thought the whole point of minecon was where he was going to release the final version of minecraft? Not to mention I don’t think people will really mind if minecraft is never officially finished.

      True, bring on more interesting updates.

    I don't begrudge the man his success. The team developed an entertaining game/simulator/lego set, and a lot of people have bought it and played it in the current state and had a lot of fun.

    Good on him/them, and I hope they spend up big - I know I would!

    However, I would argue that at this point - your own con, hiring private jets, $80M in the bank or so - Mojang has gone beyond "poor, up-and-coming indie studio" and would need to be considered a regular studio. To keep the poor/indie tag really does a disservice to other indie developers who are trying to make their way.

    It's astounding he's made tens of millions of dollars from an unfinished game. I bought it in alpha, and it's a great game - it just feels like he's drip feeding us updates and dragging this out as long as possible. At this point, Minecraft 'final' is merely a formality. And MineCon? Really? I wouldn't be shocked if he opened a theme park next.

    I also agree that it's kind of hard to like the guy when everything I read or hear from him makes him sound a little arrogant. This could just be the media, which sometimes misrepresents things or doesn't add context to things.

    And yeah, drop the indie label, Mojang - you're a hugely successful developer with one of the most lucrative software releases of recent times.

    The money went to Notch's head once he realised he hit the 1 million mark.
    My prediction is while it looks like he's loving life and all that, based off purchases like this he isn't a man that's good at spending his money, so I think once Minecraft's had its run, that'll be it.

    I don't see much of a big deal with Scrolls compared to how Minecraft was.
    Yeah also I agree with everyone else, drop the indie tag.

      He only hired this private jet so he'd actually fit into a plane for once in his life.

    Notch deserves to fly in style. That $10 I spent on MC alpha was the best $10 I've ever spent

    Money changes a person, and for once that person is yourself.

    I think the current approach Notch is taking is right by gamers, In many ways he could have finalized Minecraft at 1.7 and Release the adventure update as a sequel or dlc getting people to buy it and make allot more money. This way the players will only have to pay once.

    How ever he should take some strategies that valve been using with TF2, where they have a full game, scheduled major updates with feature changes and a beta stream for the current dev\test version. Without a structured approach to updates they will fall into the trap of continuous development and scope creep.

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