Modern Warfare 3 Looks Even Better In LEGO

This is as close to an official LEGO interpretation of Activision's tentpole franchise. Honestly, it looked pretty believable until they blew up the LEGO Eiffel Tower. There's no way that would happen in real LEGO life.

(I love how well these guys mix minifig-scale work with microscale forced perspective, like in the A-10 Warthog that flies overhead.)


    nice :D, cant wait for the GTAV trailer I bet they are working on, since you know we cant get enough of it.

    excellent work and quite hilarious.

    If they made a lego version of the game like they have done for star war/indiana jones i would so buy it!!!!!

    There is more innovation here than the proper game. Nice one!

    The lego blocks make better fidelity than the actual game :)

    its good, but what was the point? were they really that bored or are they getting paid?

      Does it really need to have a point? It's just for the lulz.

      Some people don't spend their lives on the computer, and this is actually very productive. It ups your patience.

    Imagine a world without the letter "e". Just imagin3 ..OH GOD!!

    Lol, I loved the Title 'MW3 looks even better in Lego' . Are the graphics really that bad?

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