Movember Week 4: It's Almost Over...

This will be our final Movember update, so if you were thinking about donating, or forgot, now is the time! My moustache has reached critical ginger mass and will possibly be imploding on my lip any second. I bloody can't wait to get rid of this thing...

That said, I did enjoy pretending to be a high flying ginger executive for my final mo pics.

And laughing in a condescending manner at my underlings (of which I have none).

We also have some stellar bogan-esque pics of our designer Ben White.

Puppylicks continued in his grand tradition of looking like a skinny Tim Schafer — this time with sunglasses.

Batguy also busts out the sunglasses...

Newcomer Reckers has a dense effort that I like to call 'the Geography teacher'. Most impressive.

At time of writing Team Kotaku has almost cracked $3000, which is a great number I'm extremely proud of. I'd like to try and make it a round 4K. Every dollar counts, so if you want to donate, please head here and help us out!

Thanks everyone!


    Thats awesome - i've decided that next year i'll be joining in with you guys fo sho! :D

    Sorry for the crappy ipod photo, guys.

    Yes, I thought I looked like one of my old high school teachers, too.

      That's quite the Ron Swanson look, Reckers! :)

        No mo can match that of Ron Swanson's!

          How's being Bryan Cranston stand in going for you, Reckers?

            LOL! I'll shave my head next year for the full effect!*

            *Not really!

    Go team go! My personal goal is $200, and I'm getting awfully close now. Just need to find one or two more people to donate to get over the line.

    I agree with Mark, I'm really looking forward to getting rid of it.

    I will do it one year when the wife is not going to look at me or be near me for a month, because thats the only way she'll let me do it :P

      let you?
      Next time she asks for a bottle of water, go, then come back with no water.
      When she gets angry and asks why, you simply say "oh, it had a pink cap so it was support breast cancer research, and you didn't want me to do something that would raise money for prostate cancer research and mens drepression, i figured you wouldn't want it"


        Then the divorce papers will come and you can do it anyway! :D

        Blood Apathy - Here's what you need to do, wait until she is asleep....sneak to wherever she leaves her purse or handbag at night....and retrieve your testicles!!!

    I had to get rid of mine on Saturday, I couldnt take it anymore! The combination of the beach, salt, sand and filth weighing me down had to be removed.

      I'm reading this on the phone and thought for a second this was a reply to Brizeycon.

      True story.

    I wanna keep mine and really give it some depth, but I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks :(

      Why do you remind me of Tig from Sons of Anarchy dude? lol.

        Thanks... I think?

          Well Tig is a badass, are you a badass? :P

        I thought the same! Grow the hair a bit longer and give the mo some depth and he could be mistaken for Tiggy.

    Finally signed up to the team.
    Hopefully my mum will sponsor me.


    i will never shave it off, i have become too attached

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