Multiplayer DLC Coming For Assassin's Creed Revelations

Just as Ezio's last adventure sneaks its way into Constantinople (and the real world) today, Ubisoft's announced that the first piece of DLC will be coming on December 13.

The Ancestors Character Pack will bundle four new multiplayer personas for players to take online. The Privateer, Corsair, Gladiator and Brigand will all come with unique weapons, taunts and assassination moves. And you'll be able to play through the latest Assassin's Creed on PC on November 29.

This DLC raises the question of balance and whether you'll be able to play against other Revelations users who didn't opt to get the content. Many games — like Gears of War 3 and Burnout Paradise — have forced updates through where players can see the new assets in the gameworld even if they haven't bought it. Said players won't be able to use it, of course. We've reached out to Ubisoft to see if this is the strategy they'll be using for Assassin's Creed Revelations and will update once we hear back.


    Multiplayer DLC? Goooooood luck with that. You've got enough of my money anyway ubisoft thanks to your shiny special editions!

    Somehow, I always hope that these are tech demos of potential new eras and ancestors.

    Assassin game including pirates/Columbus? Yes please!

    Well, you could play against people who had the pre-order DLC in Brotherhood - if they were captain of a team based game, you could actually play as their DLC character even if you didn't have it. I'm guessing this will be the same kind of thing, updated with a patch in the same way Mortal Kombat was.

    ***spoiler alert*** right at the start of the game the carriage chase section.. How do I ram the carriage with the general in it? My nephew had me distracted while the tutorial art was on my screen :( keep dying and couldn't be arsed restarting. Any help would be great

      Smash into the back of it. Glad to be of help.

      Leandros' (that his name?) Carriage cant be destroyed so your best off only hitting it (swerve left then hard right) when the road is busted and will hurt your carriage. so that you get the good side of the road and then keep away from him the rest of the time

    Hmm this makes me good would Assassins Creed 3 be if its a Pirate theme?

    The multiplayers skins are purely cosmetic, all the weapons serve the same function as the non-DLC counterparts. I find it pretty stupid when people raise balance issues for assassins creed dlc

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