Nathan Drake Was Once Called "John"

Okay, I like the name "John". It's a good name, I think. "John Lennon" was named "John", and he was a cool dude. Dizzy Gillespie was born "John", but as good as "John" is, "Dizzy" is way better. What about "Nathan"? Is that better?

Uncharted hero Nathan Drake started life as a John. The first game started life with the codename "Project Big", and it was game designer Amy Henning who came up with the idea that the lead character be a descendent of Sir Francis Drake.

"I remember the email thread, where people were suggesting different ideas -- like John, for a kind of generic feel," Uncharted 3 lead game designer, Richard Lemarchand told PlayStation Official Magazine UK. "But Nathan eventually felt like the right kind of name for the guy."

John, generic? Say it ain't so!

Uncharted started life as "Project Big", starred "John" [Official PlayStation Magazine UK]


    Nope, nothing on the fact that he has the same initials as the developer?

    Nathan is a far better name, it has way more character. Nathan just screams 'awesome'.

    Disclaimer: may be biased as it is also my name.

    Cut the baby in half:Jonathan

    Glad he didn't get the typical hero name, John and Jack are so over used.

    Why can't the hero be called theodore? or henry? something fresh man

    Nathan is an awesome name. Take it from someone who is named something else entirely.

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