Nathan Drake's Notebook Is For Sale On eBay

A timely auction taking place now on eBay has a hand-made replica of Nathan Drake's notebook from Uncharted 2 on sale for £230 ($354). A UK art student recreated it, page-for-page, from the virtual one players may peruse in the game.

The notebook features 55 pages of hand-drawn pictures and was completed over the course of three weeks, working five to six hours a day, says its creator. "As an art student this has been a great project to make and hope somebody else can enjoy it," he writes.

There is one difference, the journal does not feature any pressed flowers or other physical items. The auction ends in 22 hours; the notebook as of writing has attracted 24 bids, amounting to £230.

Hand-Made Uncharted Journal Replica Hits eBay [PushSquare]


    very good, except the front page isn't as good. I bet Naughty would buy this if I didn't have one already.

    How was this completed over 3 weeks??? The game has only been out for one!

      This is the notebook from Uncharted 2.

    oh god. I want it. I don't earn enough money to justify spending hundreds on it, though.

    I wish they would release some cheap versions from the game, I'd be all over that!

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