Need New Wallpaper? Check Out These Video Game Screenshots

Dead End Thrills, a great site for your downtime/wallpaper needs, is a bit of a favourite of mine. And for good reason.

They take screenshots very seriously, turning them from promotional tool or keepsake into art. And not just the kind of art that you just stare at. The kind that's a little more practical, that you can also turn into wallpaper.

Some of the game's you'll find below include Portal 2, EVE Online, Mirror's Edge and Modern Warfare, though you'll of course find a ton more at the link below.

Dead End Thrills [Dead End Thrills]


    very nice, i should start doing the same thing!

    yeah you guys should do this more often :]

    Dig back far enough, and there are some awesome screens from PN03 and Killer 7. Probably higher res than the actual, official wallpapers Capcom released for the game at the time!

    Thanks for the link!

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