Never Leave Your Potato Unattended At Double Fine, Lest It Become Art

Today, Double Fine art director Lee Petty (project lead on Stacking, among other things) tweeted the picture above, saying "This is what happens if you leave things on your desk at Double Fine…"

Apparently designer Jean-Paul LeBreton brought in a potato and left it lying around, only to find a fake art-gallery tag posted it under it. It reads:

Ringworms Amidst Intimacy

Jean-Paul LeBreton (American)

mixed media (potato)


In this challenging and lyrical piece, the artist problematizes structuralist and post-structuralist notions of interiority/identity to arrive at a catharsis of shape and texture. Its juxtaposition with a conventional game development desk setting underscores the artist's central message: the essential indivisibility of pictorial/sculptural space boundaries, more or less appropriating - via post-post-synthesist reiteration - the rhetoric of Duchamp, Derrida, Hofstadter et al.

I have no idea who was responsible for that, but to that person I say: HA.


    Also, nailed it with Duchamp.

      You know, when I saw this post I immediately thought of you Flu. It's a very 'you' thing to do.

    I am going to fake-tag the shit out of everything in my boss' office.

    Oh my god, the possibilities are endless.



    I don't know what's more amazing, the originality of the idea, the creativity of the guys around the Double Fine office or that someone has an art degree and a sense of humor, because you can't pull comments like that out of thin air.

    That is pretty random though; why is there a potato on a desk? Who put it there? What purpose does it serve? It's unwashed and raw and it's doubtful they'd have a fully stocked kitchen to cook it it in - and yet there it is. However the humble potato is not an inanimate object, eventually sprouts will grow out of it without any external simulation - one might call this creativity. Yet as the sprouts grow it's body withers - a true metaphor for true creative spirit. Therefore this potato is a metaphor for the fatalistic artist, willing to give the world life and wonder at the cost of its own.

    That guy's a god damn genius.

    Nothing odd about taking a potato to work is there...

      Not at all. What if your iphone/pod battery goes flat - you'd be regretting not being able to wire up a potato battery then wouldn't you.

    Suddenly I want to work there

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