New 3DS Firmware Makes Joining Friends Easier

A new mandatory 3DS firmware update came with our copy of Super Mario 3D Land today, and we weren't quite sure what it would offer when we downloaded it onto our system.

After poking around for a bit we looked into comparing the new and old layout of the system's friends list.

The picture above is the updated interface, with a new "Join Game" button along the top of your friends list. Presumably, this allows you to hop into a game being played by a friend if you're both online. It's a small addition, but something that makes the process much smoother. The picture below is the older interface, so you can compare the two.

According to Tiny Cartridge, the update also improves the system's security, and a more comprehensive update is on the way later this month. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any significant developments or discoveries.


    now if only they would release firmware to remove the archaic region locking system that only serves to promote regional price gouging.

      +1 like etc.

      Hey Kotaku, can you do a short article encouraging this? It's a pain that I will probably never play Shinrei Shashin, which is a spin off of my favourite series T_T

    lol bring on the 4DS.

    this is an update long overdue.

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