New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Proves Square Enix Still Knows How To Make A Scene

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer Proves Square Enix Still Knows How To Make A Scene

While the Final Fantasy name may have lost a bit of its drool-inducing powers over the past two entries in the series, the Final Fantasy XIII-2 cinematic team keep the excitement alive in this latest trailer, “Battle of Valhalla”.

If the team behind the sequel to one of the most polarising entries in the series can deliver a game that contains even a quarter of the excitement and energy shown in this 2.5-minute trailer, come January 31 I won’t have to say “What? I liked it!” nearly as many times as I had to when I reviewed Final Fantasy XIII.

If not, then we might be seeing the best the game has to offer right here. Find out more later today, when Evan “Got to Play Final Fantasy XIII-2 Before I Did, The Bastard” Narcisse delivers his hands-on impressions.


  • They’ve always been able to make a good FMV.
    But they have sucked all the fun out of the gameplay, until they can rectify that, I’m not interested

    • ^^^^ Agreed completely. I would also note that while the visuals are amazing, the writing is really bad…just like FFXIII, actually.

      • Jesus, you weren’t kidding. Remember when final fantasy had decent plots and compelling characters? That dialogue was atrocious, and I doubt its just the translation.

  • That cinematic did nothing for me, it was boring, bland and badly directed in my opinion. Even on a purely visual level it was uninspiring. The only interesting thing about it was the building design.

  • This did not impress me at all. I remember when final fantasy was about characters and plot and a sense of realism within fantasy. It seems now they’re bent on making everything ‘sexy’ …stupid over dramatic poses, skimpy outfits, and stupid none sensical dialogue. S-E, stop it and return to the likes of the golden age of FF (ff6-ff9)

  • I liked it, I haven’t played a Final Fantasy game since 10 and 8 will always be my favourite but I still enjoy them. I think a combination of nostalgia, jadedness and FF fatigue is what’s happening to people.

    I adore FF six, seven and eight and always will but I’ve replayed all three recently. I gotta say, I think the rose coloured glasses may be having an effect. FF6 feels directionless a lot of the time when you’re in between plot points. Which is not to say it should have been more linear, just that it feels nebulous at times. FF7’s characters are pretty two dimensional when examined objectively, appealing and emotive, but two dimensional. Finally, my favourite FF. FF8 when inspected, reveals that the story makes very, very little sense. All three struggle with clunky menus and gameplay systems that are in equal parts due to poor design choice and the limitations of their time.

    In short, I think people expect more from the FF games because they want to feel the same wonder and awe they felt when they were younger and/or experiencing the spectacle that is a Final Fantasy game for the first time. This is perhaps similar to Pokemon scorn. “Oh that’s just a slightly different pidgey.” “God, they have no innovation and I hate it now.” Nintendo doesn’t care, Gamefreak doesn’t care and, most importantly, kids new to the series who were too young or not yet even alive when the originals were around don’t care. It’s new and exciting to them. Newer FFs will be their “classic” FFs and no doubt they’ll be grumbling and bemoaning the “downfall” of the FF series come the 17th installment. They will also be blind to the irony of that statement.

    I watched a friend play through a fair chunk of FF 13 and I thoroughly enjoyed WATCHING let alone playing. Go into the series expecting some light, pretty and often touching stories and you’ll enjoy them all the more. It’s those rose-tinted glasses that are telling you that the classics were dramatic, operatic masterpieces of video-gaming. They’re still damn good and well made, they were just never as good as you will remember them.

    (P.S. I frigging love FF8, Quistis never gets enough love.)


    • I’m too casual a commenter here to know the processes but if I could nominate your comment to become a post all of its own, I totally would.

      Seriously. FF13 isn’t any better or worse than the previous twelve games (not including X-2 or the spinoffs, although they were fine too). FF8 is my favourite as well and I’d love to see a remake – but that’s partially because I know it’s all kinds of broken and a remake could resolve some of its issues. The games are all flawed but they’re also all still solid games which are enjoyable when taken on their own merits – and a lot of the criticisms of 13’s storyline/characters/dialogue can be applied to all the other games in the series with equal veracity.

      Personally I prefer 13 over 12 and I’m pretty excited for 13-2.

  • I really think people just hate FF now because they’re stuck on the bandwagon. People who would have normally not have liked it, but not have cared enough to post about it now are going full throttle into hate-mode.

    I liked XII, I liked XIII, and I can’t wait for XIII-2. I had more fun in XIII than I have with Skyrim.

  • I didn’t like FFXIII, but that FMV was pretty damn good. Makes me wanna play XIII-2 actually, but then I realise it’ll probably be similar to FFXIII.

    To me IX is always gonna be the best.

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