New Humble Indie Bundle Features Voxatron

It seems like only yesterday that there was a Humble Indie Bundle on sale. Today, there's another one, and we're not complaining! The Humble Voxatron Debut is the latest in the Humble Bundle series, where people can choose to pay as much or as little as they want for the game.

Voxatron is a voxel-based, action-adventure by Lexaloffle currently in its alpha stage of development. Where previous Humble Indie Bundles have come with multiple games (except for the Frozen Synapse Bundle, which initially came with just Frozen Synapse on its own before additional games were added), The Humble Voxatron Debut will give players access to all of Lexaloffle's future updates, including new levels and characters.

At the time of purchase buyers will be able to choose whether they want the proceeds to go to the developers or the Child's Play Charity.


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    Hurry up payday!

    Bought this a while ago and had a quick test run. The blocky explosions look really cool in this game, though I wish the visible area was a bit larger. I'll be looking forward to these updates!

    (And as always: it's always good to have more games available for Mac/Linux :D)

    Awesome, I was planning on buying this when it came out, but Humble Bundle just sweetens the deal!

    Alas, I'm still halfway through the Frozen Synapse bundle. Damn Value! Why must you be so high?

    bought mine for $15 (all to charities and humble though) cause i assume they will add more games later

    Now you get 'Binding Of Issac' too (from Super Meat Boy's creators) - Smash TV meets Zelda meets SAW. And 'Blocks That Matter'. Tetris meets Mario.

    And the soundtracks for both games too!

    I'm sure they'll add more as time goes on. Man, I'm still playing through last week's indieRoyale bundle!! Anyway... ordered!

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