New Kinect Hardware For Windows Gets Up-Close And Personal

Making Kinect Windows-friendly is more than just a fancy new SDK and some marketing materials. Developers are going to need some tweaked hardware as well, and Microsoft is prepared to deliver with a Windows version of Kinect capable of accurate sensing as close as 50cm from the sensor.

In a post on the official Kinect for Windows blog general manager Craig Eisler details this new version of the magical hardware, which comes complete with a shorter USB cable and a dongle to help it play nice with other USB devices. By far the coolest new feature, however, is Near Mode, a special setting for the device that will allow people to sit at their desks and be recognised by Kinect, rather than having to drive into the next county like I have to with the one in my living room.

Well, thanks, Microsoft. There goes my vision of a future in which people have to back 1.8-2.4m away from the ATM to be verified, their money scattering majestically in the wind before they can make it back. Such dreams I had, jerks.

Kinect for Windows — Building the Future [Kinect for Windows Blog]


    New hardware? Bleh... completely coincidentally I just started downloading the SDK to play around with over the summer with my 360 Kinect...

    Anyone else thinking 500mm minimum distance is still too long?

    Assuming desk size of 750mm, allow for monitor behind sensor so knock off about 200mm leaves 550mm to the edge of your desk.

    You would have to sit back a bit to so your hands are behind the 500mm mark, then move forward again to use the keyboard/mouse.

      Shush, youre thinking again

      Having just measured it .... Nah. You wouldn't want it any further though.

      500mm?! You might as well be sitting half a bloody metre away!

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