New Max Payne 3 Screenshots: Guns! Explosions! Baldness!

Rockstar has released a few new screens for the upcoming Max Payne 3. In some, he is bald. In some, he is not. Max's hair likes to take things day-by-day.

Max Payne 3 will be out on PC, PS3 and 360 on March 6, 2012.


    Looks sick..

    There seems to be a texturing problem on his index/trigger finger on the first screenshot. Can you see how pixelated it is?

      Please tell me you're taking the piss

        The pointer finger looks really long but that may just be the perspective.

      There's pixels all over those images. It's almost like they're comprised of nothing but.

      Unpleasant texture issues on the index finger, proximal to the second joint. Blind as a bat if you can't see it on the full image.

    Hey is that Tommy Vercetti?

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