Did The New Snow White Movie Rip Off A Video Game Trailer?

Earlier this year, Obsidian and Square Enix released Dungeon Siege III. The game had a big reveal trailer involving a raven flying towards the camera then exploding into a bunch of other ravens.

Fast forward to November, and the debut trailer for the new Snow White movie is shown. And... it features the exact same shot! Not something that looked sort-of like it. It's almost identical.

The guys who made the original Dungeon Siege clip, Create Advertising, are surprisingly cool with this, telling Kotaku, "Imitation is the highest form of a compliment." Moreover, they "wanted to point this out as a good example of when theatrical is using gaming as a direct influence."

You can see a comparison video below. What do you think?


    That's not an original effect though. I think the movie Williw had the same thing happen? A number of fantasy movies have this same exact thing. I understand the trailer image may have been similar or whatever but the whole 'raven bursting into many ravens' is a staple fantasy image.

    The trailer was pretty fuggin good too. SO was not expecting an awesome 80s style synth score and awesome Hemsworth style action. Even whatshername doesn't look too bad, maybe getting away from TwiShite will benefit her. When you've got Ian McShane leading the dwarves, that's another reason to be interested...

      Willow damn it. Curse these damn iPhone keyboards

        Make way for the Rat King!

      Granted this concept has been used a few times, but it's a bit sus when the animation is a very close mirror.

    That 5 seconds of footage? wow, what a joke.

    at 1:27 in the Snow White trailer there is a strong Shadow of the Colossus/Guillermo del Toro vibe. Going to make it my wallpaper.

    Trailer at apple: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/universal/snowwhiteandthehuntsman/

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