New Xbox Dashboard Launches On December 6

As the headline states, Microsoft announced overnight that the new Xbox 360 dashboard, one designed to bring the company's user interfaces on console, PC and mobile phone closer together, will be out on December 6.

Aside from looking nicer, the new dash also has better (read: more deeply-integrated) voice recognition for Kinect users, while it'll also be the same day new apps for things like movies and TV roll out worldwide.

The dash is currently in beta. Who knows, many of you are probably using it right now.


    Sweet. Getting sick of the current dashboard anyway.

    Bring back Blades.

    I used to hate turning my Xbox just to have ads shoved in my face.

    Been using the dashboard. Its Bloody Great. Love that finally Kinect Voice Commands are in :-)

    I like how it basically makes everyone's premium themes worthless. Good thing that nobody is releasing them anymore... oh wait, they still are...

      I thought all they did was change the background. They should still work if that's the case.
      *Note, I'm a noob xbox user having had one for only two weeks.*

        With all the big squares in the the centre, you can see even less of the background. Plus the friends list doesn't feature the custom backdrops that the current one does.

      Yeah but the last dash update did that too. Ultimately a theme specically designed for one layout is never going to survive the change to a much different layout

        I know that, but the problem I have is that companies are still coming out with the premium themes. The Saint's Row 3 one only came out a couple of weeks ago- so it'll be barely a month on the market before it's broken. That's just ridiculous. It's like releasing a new petrol car the month before petrol cars are banned and everyone has to use electric cars, knowing full well it'll be a dud in a month.

          I've got the new dash and dunno what your on about, themes still work, the only thing has changed is the backgrounds of your friends you have to click on them for that to appear now.

    Comments and next page links are borked on kotaku mobile edition.

      Please fix, I rely heavily on the mobile edition!

        Haha, "borked". Heaps going to say that from now on.

    I think they should make better use of premium themes, and not have half the screen covered in a grey floor....

      I believe you're talking about regular themes. The 'grey floor' doesn't appear in Premium Themes, unless the developer of said theme wishes it to be so.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't microsoft own skype now? I really wish that microsoft would take a page from apple, and have everything sync up... I would love to be able to communicate or monitor my xbox friends on my skype. If they login to xbox, it would be nice to be able to see that on my PC or ipad or whatever while logged into skype instead of having to check the xbox live website, or having to turn on my xbox..


      You're correct Microsoft does own Skype now. Seems like a good idea to me - even though I don't own a 360 or have many friends that do either.

        Feel free to read and comment on an article that has no interest to you.

    Heh, I don't have Live. Only got an update to my system the other day when I hooked up the Kinect to it, after owning the thing for a year. Wonder how long it'll be before I see this :P

      Finally, so sick of the sluggish new interface. I PRESSED B SIX TIMES, WHY HAVE YOU ONLY GONE BACK ONE SCREEN!?

    Convenient, I was just wondering when the new dash was going to drop. Very timely article

    overall love the new dash, still has the same sound for acheivements and people coming online which is annoying, but love the beacons and the way it alerts you when friends start playing the game your playing etc.

    I can neither confirm nor deny the usage of the new awesome dashboard.

    im in the closed beta, its pretty good - and voice now works for aussies =)

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