New Xbox Live Account Every Two Seconds

Every two seconds on Xbox Live, someone adds a Gamertag like xX_tehPwnz0rz69_Xx, according to the service's chief of marketing. Addressing the London Games Conference, Xbox Live's Robin Burrowes said that Call of Duty and Kinect have shot up enrollment from 10 million in 2008 to 20 million in 2009 and now 35 million today, reports Develop.

Contrast this with the 50,000 users who signed up at Xbox Live's launch on the original console, back in 2002. Burrowes believes in the next five years all entertainment will be interactive in some form, with Xbox Live serving it, of course.

How far back do you go? I signed up for Xbox Live in 2004, about six months after I bought the console. Any original adopters reading this right now?

New Xbox Live user every two seconds [Develop]



    I never understood why there was a need to mix numbers instead of letters in usernames.

      Perhaps because xX_tehPwnzorz69_Xx was already taken

    It is kind of sad that a majority of players don't take the opportunity to create an original gamertag and instead just illiterate the hell out of one. Oh well, we are dealing with a LOT of fifteen-year-olds.

      15? But I've never see those types over 12.

      With millions of people in the same namespace its VERY difficult to come up with something original. I have plenty of names I perceived to be unique when I joined, but were already taken. This was a few years ago too, certainly now you'd have to add padding to the name you want to get it.

        I hate how they assume 12-15 year olds make all these names, I'm 15 and my Gamer Tag is only 5 letters in a certain passage


        It's my initials and it sounds good, please don't assume ALL Teenagers are unoriginal brats.

    I can hardly bring myself to play online these days. Even seeing certain gamer tag combinations makes my irritated. As elitist as it sounds (so much so that I hate that I have even thought about it tbh) I would love some kind of premium service that got rid of the dickheads. I know that's kinda what a friends list is for, but often my friends don't want to play the same games I do. Jumping into random matches without being called n***** and c***, or worse having my mother called such things, every five minutes would be nice for a change.

      There is the option to report people for trash talk

        Done that plenty of times. Nothing ever seems to be done about it.

        And btw I don't mind a good trash talk - that's all fun and games. Got called Anne Frank once for camping in the attic - hilarious. The racist, homophobic, offensive bile that gets spewed without fear or favour is what I object to.

          The reporting is fairly useless I agree, probably a combination of the "if you can't hack it then leave" attitude and the false positives, I've been reported for trash talk several times despite the fact I never use my microphone so unless the 360 can read minds...

    I signed up for Live with the 360 in 2007. Played the crap out of Gears 1 and Halo 3, but now I use it mostly for online co op (but MW3 is bringing me back into the swing of things).

    I've been on live since it was made available in Australia nearly 8 years ago, back when the community was small and everyone knew everyone. I was lucky and got my gamertag first try (Side Effect). It must be hard these days since there are 35 million gamertags already taken.

    I've had my 360 for over a year now. Still haven't even connected it to the network, let alone a Live account. Not sure if I even will at this point.

    I started on live about a year ago, I like to play Reach and gears 3 online, but after a couple of games I went and muted all voice chat. Much better.

    I got my tag (same as my name here) because the O's are actually Zeroes

    "THXultra" - as inTHX-1138

    I thought this was pointing out there's a lot of spam accounts

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