Ni No Kuni's Cutscenes Are A Gorgeous Way To Start Your Monday

I'm quite taken by Level-5's upcoming RPG Ni No Kuni. A big reason for that is the helping hand the developers have had from animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli. So watching three of the game's cutscenes is definitely something I can recommend.

Seeing as the clips were released by Level-5 over the weekend and are entirely in Japanese, it's not like you're getting much spoiled, so just enjoy how damn pretty everything looks.

Oh, and Namco Bandai, when the game comes to the West next year, please don't dub it. Please.

The PS3 exclusive (the DS version already being out, and being quite a different game) will be out in Japan next week.

Glimpses Into Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch's Cutscenes [Siliconera]


    Okay is the DS version going to be released in Australia at all? Just wondering.

      I doubt it will, considering the fact that the DS is significantly losing its spotlight in sales plus it makes sense for Level-5 to wait to translate the PS3 version because of how it does justice to the style of Studio Ghibli. The PS3 version would also me more attractive to the west.

        *be more

      With very little doubt, I will say no. It hasn't been announced to be translated into English at all, so the best you're gonna get on the DS is learning Japanese and importing it (PlayAsia perhaps).

    Dear Namco Bandai. Please DO dub it. Give the japanese voice option for people who want to read subtitles, but dub it for those of us who enjoy hearing in a language we understand. Why must people who enjoy japanese voice acting be so zealous about their hatred of english voice acting? Sure there's some bad dubs out there but honestly to so many of us hearing even an annoying voice actor in english is better than not understanding a word that's being said. Personally I find japanese voice actors annoying as hell. But each to their own. I understand (or atleast hope) that the writer of this article wasn't being completely serious but it'd be nice if people didn't take stupid sides in an argument of subs vs dubs. Everyone has their preference. Don't make dumb statements.

      + 80

      The quality of dubs these days is far above those of the early 90's and when I'm playing a game I would rather look and listen than look at the bottom of the screen and read.

        I've pre-ordered this already and I am one of the lucky ones who speaks Japanese. However, English voice dubbing is still amazingly bad.

        Final Fantasy XIII's English voices were a joke and let's not start with Deus Ex. That was originally supposed to be in English, too! I guess it's good if you like the horrible Batman voice that Jensen had.

        If you prefer dubs, then that's fine. I'd just be pushing for better training and hiring of better actors. We're in an age where voices are incredibly important to gaming and to have such a low quality is insulting, especially in a game like this with such a fine original cast.

        If all you want is to understand without reading, then that's OK, too. Just please, fight the good fight in getting decent English voice actors for the rest.

          Dunno what FFXIII game you've playing, but mine has some pretty damn good voice acting in it (save for Vanille. Though there was that one moment in chapter 7, I think it was). I judge voices by how emotional they sound and as I could hear the emotion in the main casts voices, I was perfectly fine with them.

          "BeLiEVe iT."

            Yea, I felt no emotion int heir voices. All I heard was people reading their lines and being generally annoying and changing the plot into nonsense. Again, that may be because I came from the Japanese version and I can't help but compare the two.

            Even with them being bad, I can totally understand people preferring it and you're right, it is a step up from the past.

            Also English Vanilla... my god... I had never encountered such evil...

        yeah i can't wait for it. and i can personally attest to this a lot of people who go on and on about english dubbed over japanese dubbed is that sometimes i can better or in the case of tench exactly the same in others. you sees in tench ryohko is a space pirate not a little girl that the japanese dubbing of her made her sound like. and in how the american version was exactly the same princess ayaka was just annoying in both languages

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