Nintendo-Branded SD Cards? You Got It

Over the years, Nintendo has been in a bunch of businesses: From playing cards to love hotels, from LEGO rip-offs to, now, video games. The Kyoto-base game maker is now releasing Nintendo-branded SD cards.

The high-capacity SDHC memory cards come in 8GB and 16GB and are for use with the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo's 3DS is sold with a Toshiba 2GB SD card, and these new Nintendo-branded ones are for players who wants larger SD cards.

Officially licensed SD cards were released for the Wii and had the logo printed on them. This time, the SD cards say "Nintendo".

Both will go on sale this December in Japan, with pricing to be decided by retailers.

任天堂、SDHCメモリーカード8GBと16GBを12月発売 [Yahoo!]


    Class 4? Lol no.

      Class 4 is a joke! This is not going to cut it when I am taking HD 3D video or hundred of photos per second! Nintendo is going to fail so hard because of this! Rage against them with me!!!!!

    These are going to cost a hell of a lot more than cards that are functionally identical in every way. There is a cheaper, higher capacity alternative readily available. Who will buy this?

    In a completely similar event, THQ have decided to open a crappy, DRM heavy online store that is charging Australian gamers $110 for Saints Row 3. Who will ever fucking buy this? I will never understand this shit.

    People in marketing must seriously be in some sort of echo chamber where they just listen to how awesome their voice sounds saying sexy words all day.

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