Nintendo Break All The Rules For Mario Kart 7's Australian Release

When it comes to video game release dates, you can usually count on two things — games are usually released on a Thursday (because that's the day most people get paid) and Nintendo Australia usually experiences some lag compared to the release overseas. With Mario Kart 7, however, Nintendo is breaking all the rules...

Firstly, Nintendo is releasing the game on a Saturday. I literally can't remember the last time a game was released on a Saturday. Bizarre.

But perhaps more interestingly, Mario Kart 7 is being released on December 3. That's only two days after Japan, a day after Europe, and a day before the US.

It's a strange release date to say the least. It's possible that, with the date being so close to Christmas, Nintendo is banking on customers impulse buying the game as presents for their loved ones whilst doing Christmas shopping on a Saturday. It's also possible that Nintendo is doing their level best to avoid the problems it had with the Ocarina of Time's release.

Regardless of the reasons, it's good news for Australians — we're getting a game on time from Nintendo!


    Didn't Nintendo say a while ago that they would be working on getting more global-ish release dates for their main franchises? (I may just be making that up... :P) If so, great work! If not, I hope this becomes the norm!

      They did! Hopefully we see more release dates like this in the future. Don't expect it for EVERY Nintendo game but AAA big titles? Most certainly!

      Awesome news this is!

      yeah well they were more global at least for Nintendo titles until someone uploaded a certain game to the interwebz

        Nintendo's release dates are never an exact science though. For each game we get a week or under there's always the one or two that comes months like Kirby etc.

    Pfft, please. It'll be released on accident on the Thursday before. Well played Nintendo.

    Regardless over who gets it first in what country, I'm buying this just as I'm buying Mario Land and plenty of other 3DS games coming up in the next few months! Happy I held off until the price fell, I picked it up for $180!

    For the record Mario Kart Wii was also released on a Saturday in Australia.

    Oh yeah and for those hoping it'll be Street Date broken, don't count on it. I doubt Nintendo will even have the game before Thursday in the country.

      Haha more like it will be on shelves earlier than Thursday I doubt Nintendo will not have it stock a week in advance, it would be a logistacl nightmare trying to ship a game on a Thursday, Friday window that's crazy talk

      Well actually, EBGames have December 2nd on their site, so that's a Friday. Technically broken =P haha

    Wow, how does this even make any sense?

    I don't get why they don't just release it the same day as Japan. If anything, this is actually them releasing it late :/

    I think they were unhappy about the Zelda Ocarina DS incident, sounds like they've learned their lesson :p

    Mark, either in the tags or in the article somewhere, could you refer to it as a 3DS title? Just a bit confusing.

    In before street date break the thursday before! :P

    Wait, we're getting Mario Kart 7 on a Saturday, a day before the US release.

    Does that mean they're getting a game release on a Sunday or are you just accounting for timezones.

      Nintendo games are released on a Sunday in America. Weird ey.

        Weird is definitely one way of describing that.

    Speechless. I have no speech.

    For a second there I thought it broke the street date today.

    This will be the first game I'll buy after exams. :)

    Oh that would be right...
    I put in a pre-order this morning from ozgameshop... announcement will be buy from target for _<

      what the devil happened to the end of my post :S

      was meant to end with " for less at target than what ozgameshop is selling it for."

    I was JUST talking to the WA Nintendo rep. He didn't know anything about this at all. Nintendo Japan is calling all the shots on this one.

    Sonic Generations has broken street date

    Actually, Mario Kart Wii was released here FOUR days before in the US. Except no one paid attention to that because everyone was crying about our four month SSBB delay.

    For you, the day that Mario Kart's street date was broken was the greatest day of the year. But for me, it was Thursday. - M.Bison

    I remember when Mario Kart Double Dash released here in the UK two days before the US. Americans on various forums were absolutely livid.

    Is it possible they're releasing it on a Saturday because this will probably be a must buy for most kids? This stops them from skipping school. Harry potter did the same thing.

    I bought my copy off amazon to play on my imported 3DS. Now I feel a bit silly. That being said, the game was only $39.95, instead of $69.95...

    as per usual it will get sold early and has already, target in Tuggeranong in canberra sold it to one lucky customer already before pulling it of the shelf before i could get one. p.s jake target sell it for $49.95.

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