Nintendo's Reggie Drives Like A Maniac

Reggie Fils-Aime, everybody's favourite pizza man turned game exec, is a terror on the road. The Nintendo of America president thinks it's OK to drive like Mario Kart in real life. You know, burning rubber and throwing heat-seeking turtle shells.

"I played the little game on the Mario Kart fan page and it said that I drive most like Bowser," Fils-Aime told The Official Nintendo Magazine. "I think when I answered the question, I said that I like to nudge people off the road."

"Personally, I think I drive like Yoshi," he continued. "Yoshi typically has the fastest kart in the game and I do have a lead foot. Don't tell Seattle Police but I have a lead foot."

Seattle Police, this man has a lead foot. Arrest him immediately.

Reggie: I drive like Yoshi in real life [ONM]

Top photo: Nintendo of America


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