No Matter Which Dark Souls Character You Play, You Will Die A Lot

"Sure", Dark Souls whispers to you in the dark, "you've got your Modern Warfare and your Legend of Zelda. But I'm not going anywhere." This game is designed to be played, mastered and played again far after its launch date.

This latest video demonstrates a number of the game's character classes, shows a bunch of enemies and actually gives a pretty good sense of the flow of the game, particularly its visceral, satisfying combat. Fight, die, fight again, die again, and gradually get better, until you get killed by some random other player who warps into your world. I haven't made it up to some of the enemies in this video, but dear lord, that is some menacing stuff.

Hey look at that, they've even got my Pyromancer in there, mixing it up and then getting his arse kicked. Dear lord look at the size of some of those enemies. Hmm… might just… go back to Skyrim… nothing to see here…


    Okay, I'm at work so I can't tell but is this the exact same trailer some other editor at KotakUS posted like 5 hours ago?

      I watched them both. Yes, yes, it is indeed the same video :)

    I've been playing this for 30+ hours and I haven't seen most of the stuff in that trailer.

    That whip user be trolling

    Notched up 90hrs on my first playthrough....what a great game !

    Skyrim should do well to recharge my batteries, before jumping back into Dark Souls.

    whilst this game looks awesome and I will buy it once i can claw myself away from bf3 for long enough.... A wolf....with a sword?....seriously? really?... i do hope there isnt any squirrels dual wielding pikes to contend with after.

    But otherwise looks amazing and a great reason to claw myself off the pc and back on the ps3.

      That's the Great Wolf Sif. You show some respect.

      (I've been too chicken to venture into his area - quite happy to leave him alone actually.)

        Sif's not too bad actually. In my game, his soul will live on... in my shield.

      I'm with you there. Both on the looks awesome and the wtf wolf with a sword.

    Best game out - finished it and started NG+ straight away... didn't even stop till the first bell was down :S

      This game has left me exhausted after difficult segments - I took a break from it after the Capra Demon, and also after defeating Blighttown/Quelaag. Still on break actually. It's not good for me. Hanging out for some relaxing sword and sorcery via Skyrim!

        I'm at the Capra Demon now, I've had a week or so break from Dark Souls courtesy of that clown. I know how to do it, just have to actually DO it.

          i bought some expensive resin to electrify my knife, farmed some humanity then waited around to summon some hulking knight from japan, ate some green moss clump for stamina regeneration, then tried taking on that bastard for probably the 10th time. I was stunned by those two muts and cleaved in half within seconds.
          I then stayed up until 2.30 in the morning, continuously running back until i slapped his shit. I kept telling him to take me one on one, to tell his dogs to get fucked (actually said this to my tv). Needless to say, he wouldn't listen.

            ^^A colourful/enjoyable read your little piece of commentary!. I look forward to giving this character a go too...and dying countless times.

              The Capra demon was easy. You just have to be a little cheap and run up the stairs, jump down then get a quick hit off on him while hes stunned from jumping down after you.

              Wait till you get to "Hell" there are like 15 mini capra demons in a row.

              Tomb of giants is the one that is really giving me grief....

            Wait until you get to the demon ruins, you'll be seeing more of those Capra demons and if your not smart about it, you could be fighting 2-3 at once

    Any of you chaps or chap-ettes pick-up that ltd ed. hard cover guide/art book? People are asking for ridiculous prices on ebay. Wish it was a little more accessible. I believe there is demand for it.

      Yep. It's amazing, but not worth anywhere near the prices on auction sites. The publisher has said they will meet the demand (can't find thew quote though) and not to buy it at the gouged prices.

        It's back in stock on Amazon for $24.99!

          Yes, mine arrived yesterday. I bought it more as a collectors item, rather than for the guide. Top notch quality.

        One word, Amazon. I picked it up for $13.

    Funny/amusing - my shipping option cost more than the guide itself.

      I bought it on Amazon UK for £13 ($20) and added some other things to get free shipping. Think they're still out of stock for now but I'm happy waiting.

    game of the year, easily. Dark fantasy easily trumps any other genre in my opinion.
    Learning curve is (very) steep at the start (you have to unlearn your action-rpg tendencies), but second half of the game is pretty much a doddle. Last boss is a cakewalk in comparison to earlier ones.
    Unfortunately NewGame+ doesnt offer much new, except difficulty. Bring on Dark Souls 2 (and bring back World Tendency!)

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