Observe World Of Warcraft's Seventh Birthday With Free In-Game Items And A New Ad

World of Warcraft celebrates its seventh birthday on Nov. 23, and in observance, anyone logging in between Sunday and Saturday, Dec. 3 will get a free celebration item that temporarily grants an XP boost.

The "Feat of Strength" and the celebration item also grant a special tabard and a reputation bonus, in addition to shooting off fireworks, in-game. So be prepared for a lot of pyrotechnics.

Further, World of Warcraft will air a new celebrity-voiced advertisement for the holidays. It debuts Sunday on CBS' NFL broadcast of the San Diego-Chicago game. Kickoff is 4:15 EST.



    The Pandas make me cry.

      Ditto left it offically a few weeks ago (since find out out about MoP) and since then have little to no interest in the game anymore (Played it for 5+ years)

        You'll be back ... they always come back.

    "players who log into the game between November 20 and December 3"

    I'll jump on occasionally if I'm bored and want to see what's changed, I got the 1year sub for the free D3

      If you bought the 1 year sub to play "when you're bored" to get D3 for free.. that's not really free D3

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

    Meh, All the cool kids play the Lego MMO now.

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