Oh God, Desert Bus Is Now On IOS And Android

Just in time for Desert Bus for Hope's fifth annual charity drive, the infamous mini-game from Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for Sega CD is now available on Android and all iOS devices. It is, by all appearances, a straight port of the unforgiving original, which requires you to drive eight hours in real time to achieve a single point.

The release coincides with LoadingReadyRun's well known fund raiser for Penny Arcade's Child's Play philanthropy, which provides video games, consoles, handhelds and other toys to children's hospitals. Amateur Pixels is behind the port. Desert Bus for Hope has, as of this morning, raised more than $US240,000,

For those who never played the game, realise that to successfully complete a single run, covering 360 miles, at 45 mph, between Tucson, Ariz. and Las Vegas, you will need to battle boredom and the bus' balky alignment for a solid eight hours. No pausing. That will absolutely outlast your device's charge, so make sure it stays plugged in.

Another protip: Go into aeroplane mode if it's on a phone. Any incoming call takes you out of the game, which means the bus crashes while you're away. And if you crash, you're towed back to Tucson, also in real time.

To follow Desert Bus for Hope's progress, or to donate or participate in its auctions, check out this link. It's a great cause and one of video gaming's best holiday traditions.

Desert Bus [iTunes]

Desert Bus [Android App Store]

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    They should add a feature to this game, where there are occasionally (say once per hour) other drivers that cut you off and you need to brake briefly. Just to keep you on your toes.

    FYI, it's the "Android Market" not the "Android App Store"

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