On The Eve Of Modern Warfare 3, A Very Cool Illustration Of Soap And The Gang

As we gear up to dive into Modern Warfare 3 (Top question: will you be more of a Jonah Hill or a Sam Worthington?), it's fun to pause for a minute and take a look back.

Artist Sam Gilbey sent in this illustration that Activision commissioned him to do promoting Call of Duty Elite, the online social service which just went live today. The piece is the kind of thing I'd love to see splashed on a t-shirt, and reminds me that given the trajectory of the first two games, we're probably going to get to hear Sandman talk this time around. (No, I haven't read any spoilers for Modern Warfare 3.)

You can see more artwork from Sam Gilby (including lots of great video game illustrations) at his website, Sam Gilbey Illustrates.


    Eve of modern wf3? Its out at EB. The eve woulda been last night... :)

    Gaz was still cooler.

    Shit writing killed him off. Not that the first Modern Warfare was bad, I loved it.

      I always like to think that Ghost was Gaz and that somehow he survived being shot in the first game.

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