One Image Makes The Case That GTA V Features Our Favorite GTA Antiheroes

Could Grand Theft Auto V star CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City and Nico from GTA IV?

One image percolating over at Reddit makes the case, comparing three stills from yesterday's GTA V trailer to iconic images of the three lead characters of the last three console GTA's. (Click the image to expand it.)


Vercetti was voiced by actor Ray Liotta in Vice City. The actor's management told IGN he wasn't involved in the making of the new game's trailer, which had a narrator that sounded like him and was saying things Tommy might say. That's being interpreted as meaning Liotta did not work on GTA V. Nico Bellic's voice actor, Michael Hollick ran afoul of Rockstar when he went public with his dissatisfaction for his pay for the game, which may have disqualified him from future work on the series. A lack of these voice actors, of course, doesn't indicate a lack of these characters. As for CJ's voice-actor, Young Maylay, we're unaware of what he's up to these days.

Rockstar Games has selected where GTA V takes place. They've not said a peep about who is in it or who we'll play as.

I know I've seen these people before... [Reddit]


    If GTA V is set in the 90's, wouldn't that be BEFORE GTA 4? and there for, Nico would not be in it?

    Then again, I don't know what time period GTA4 is in, so yeah...

      GTA IV is 'present day'ish, as there were mobile phones.

      Presumably GTAV will be the same. All the numbered GTAs seem to be set in contemporary times.

      No, not for sure. GTA 4 was set in 1998, so essentially GTA 5 could take place in like 2001 and therefore be after and have Niko, but it wouldn't be as cool of an atmosphere.

    umm, different faces, just because they have been put in the same clothes (on purpose) doesn't mean that they are going to be in the game. Also epic fail on the CJ one, when you haven't shown the face of the GTA trailer one because you know, you dont want people finding out that its not as correct.

      Umm, how about clicking the link to expand the picture, like the article says?

    There was a point yesterday by adscott:

    "A graffiti design throughout the city in GTA IV suggests that all the protagonists from the GTA III era are deceased, with the names “Claude “, “Tommy”, “Carl”, “Toni” and “Vic” alongside remembrance graffiti.

    ^ off the GTA wiki"

      THANK YOU! Someone saw my post!
      Come on Kotaku, do your research before writing articles guys....

      Of course, by the posts on this article everyone has ignored it.

        You expect blog writers to do research? What do you think these people are, journalists?!

    Assuming GTA4 was set in 2007(internet,camera phones etc) and GTA5 takes place after that, say a few years for Nico to become a bum(again),Then C.J would be about 40-45 y.o. and Tommy at about 60 y.o. assuming he was at least 33 y.o. in 194 or 1985 when vice city was set about 27 years ago.
    So it could just be possible with a bit of artistic license and it might be a red herring rockstar but in but those 3 characters in the trailer was not an accident, I think maybe those rumors of multiable player characters might be true.Personally I see a non linerier multi player character story much like pulp fiction which by the way was set in L.A.
    The dark haired man in the trailer could be 60 years old and the "C.J." guy could be 40. after all black don't crack.

    Here's my idea: wait a year and then we'll all know for sure. This endless speculation is about as useful as all the useless speculation we got about the iPhone 5. Yawn.

      I reckon he's just porked up a bit and had he's face rearranged a bit, notice the black eye and the sigh "need money for beer" classic beer bloat.

    The idea that Nico is a bum is a fucking insult.

    I didn't just spend over 100 hours on GTAIV, blowing the shit through everything, slaughtering over 1000 cops, earning millions of dollars through crime.... to turn into a bum holding a sign.

    Most ridiculous thing I've seen so far in GTA V speculation.

    Also, note that you can see the guy in the suit 3 times in the trailer. Check when the guys in orange burst out of the truck with guns, he's leading the way.

    Your first sentence...

    "Could Grand Theft Auto V star CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City and Nico from GTA IV?"

    It is not complete.

    Not to mention this speculation is ridiculous.

      Disregard my terrible reading ability.

      The speculation is still ridiculous.

    Why is it so outrageous an idea that they could tie a few characters into the same story and place? It's a cool idea and fits in with what they've been saying about multiple characters.

    I reckon they're onto something. i instantly thought that was Nico who was a bum, and the other guys are to similar for it all to be a co-incidence.

    Bring it on!

    One thing that people keep raising is the idea that if a character is shown in the trailer, then there is a high chance that's the protagonist? In previous trailers in the series, a lot of the individuals were either story NPCs or just plain pedestrians, and the trailer was to push the 'day in the life of the city' feel for the title.

    Can someone please translate the sign the bum is holding. I think it says he hates the U.S?

    Tommy seems likely. The Nico and CJ things seem really, REALLY far fetched. A full trailer starring a guy who looks like Tommy, voiced by a guy who sounds like Tommy, saying things that would fit nicely into the timeline of Tommy's life? Sure.

    A 1 second shot of a European looking homeless guy and 2 seconds of a black guy in a singlet running? Yeah... Maybe that's a bit of a stretch.

      exactly what i was thinking

    Maybe that old white guy is CLAUDE SPEED.

    Didn't think of that didja!

    i think that the first one is a possibility, the last one is a stretch. i just dont see nico as that bum, and CJ could be generic fan or buff or scrawny so its not like he has a defined look per say, that dude could be 'generic LA black guy running from cops' (though all those cops chasing may suggest that it is being played by a player)

    Tommy is ofcourse a shoe in great return to the main dude :)

    also.. uncharted :| so good

    I dont have a voice actor, I speak for myself.

    The white guy? Bit of a stretch, MIGHT pass for Tommy. Doubt it. But I am willing to be pleasantly surprised.

    The black guy and the hobo? They look NOTHING alike.


    Everyone. Seriously. Just stop. It's pretty apparent that this game is not in the GTAIII continuity. Move on?

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