One Last Look At Deus Ex's Brilliant Concept Art

We've looked at it not once, but twice here on Fine Art, but the art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is so damn good I figured it was worth one more feature. Especially since we've got some all-new pieces to share.

Good things come in threes, right?

Richard Dumont, whose work on the game we showed off in the first collection, was kind enough to open up his sketchbook (well, website) and share some more concept images from his time at Ubisoft Montreal.

Deus Ex fans are of course being well catered for, but so are Final Fantasy fans. You'll understand once you see the images below.

With Deus Ex finished, Dumont is off to Holland to work with the Guerilla Games (Killzone) team. You can see more of his great work at his personal site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Buster sword?

      I came here for the same reason.

        Same here! What's up with the buster sword?

      What do you expect when they advertise Final Fantasy XXVII (27)?

    I LOVE the art direction of this game, cool looking future.

    i wonder what software they use for this. the first few room pictures could almost pass for SketchUp

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