One Million Players Join DC Universe Online One Week After It Goes Free-to-Play

We already know that over 120,000 PC users joined DC Universe Online in 24 hours after the Sony Online Entertainment title went free-to-play, but now the publisher's revealing more about how big the shift has been for them.

In the week since DCUO became free-to-play, one million new would-be metahumans have joined the game's ranks. And that number is evenly split between PC and PlayStation 3 players. Of course, there's limits on what you get as a free member but you can always upgrade to Premium or Legendary if you want to be a one-person Legion of Superheroes and access all the incoming DLC packs.


    The servers go offline every night at about 11PM here in Australia. So it's pretty crummy for us, and they're gonna lose a lot of players who planned to play on weekends lol.

    I haven't been able to get online yet....

    I downloaded it, played it for a bit and then paid for a month up front. Then I got out into the world and was appalled at the lag - I'm not sure if it's the influx of new players or what but at times the game gets so laggy you cant even attack enemies. That's if they even show up at all, in which case you just take damage from thin air and die.

    When it's running OK, it's a lot of fun - but with the occasional server lag and downtime - I won't be subscribing again, which is too expensive anyway.

      I experienced similar lag on the US servers. Changed over to EU and it runs much better.

    I haven't experienced any lag, but it might be the times I play it at. I'm on USPC and LOVING it!

    every time i want to play DCUO the servers are offline.

    Well, I just got done downloading it. It took about 4hours and 15,411 GB. And now when i create my character it's VERY laggy. But i read before hitting play it said " Maintence notic: Wednesday, april 11, 2011. (0)" And at the top latest news was "Unsheduled server maintenance 4.17.2012. Today is 4.15.2012." So is that why??

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