Gift For People That Overuse The Word 'Kawaii'

"Kawaii". In Japanese, it means "cute" or "adorable". The word was adopted by Westerners enamoured with Japanese culture. But it's gone mainstream, and it now appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Diehard Japanophiles have been using it from long before, peppering their English conversations with a "kawaii" here, a "kawaii" there.

Is it possible to overuse the word? Definitely. Will they like these gifts? Certainly.

Iwako Erasers

Japanese eraser maker Iwako specialises in making erasers that look nothing like erasers, whether that will be drink cans, cards, toothbrushes, vegetables and more. Iwako offers its erasers via its online store, and prices vary, from $US1 to $US14, depending on the type and number of pieces.

Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky

First things first, it's "po-key", not "pock-key" or "poc-key" or whatever. And this right here is the newest flavour, milk chocolate salty. Because milk chocolate is not enough. Needs more salty. $US3.

Nintendo Super Mario Mushroom Salt and Pepper Shaker

Nintendo can make just about anything cute, including mushrooms. And taking Mario's cute Power-Up mushroom and turning it into a salt shaker makes it that much more. While it might not power up the meal, it will power up your dinner table. $US9.

Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches

"Adorable"? Don't you mean kawaii? Learn how to make lunches with cute caterpillars, cars and kitty cats. Yes, these kinds of lunches are geared for smaller kids in Japan, but there's nothing cute about a middle-aged salaryman slurping down ramen. Nothing. $US11.

Felyne Ear Muffs

It's Monster Hunter's absurdly cute version of those Monster Hunter cat humanoids (Felynes!) in ear muff form. Perfect for covering your ears in the dead of winter and for blocking out those who just don't get why Mon Hun is so damn popular in Japan. $US30.

Totoro Wristwatch

Mickey Mouse? No, you do not want a Mickey Mouse watch. You want a My Neighbor Totoro one. Seiko created a line of Totoro watches that feature the Totoro from the iconic Hayao Miyazaki anime. The watches are classy and subtle, and they're something you might even be able to get away with in dress clothes. Since they're made by Seiko, you'll know they'll hold up. And since they're Totoro, you'll know they're cute. $US80.

Pre-painted Catherine Figure

This is less "kawaii" and more "sekushii" (sexy). Here's Catherine, star of the Japanese role-playing game...Catherine, immortalised in PVC, ready for your desk. Just don't say she's cute! $US95.

Hello Kitty Back Massager

This is a shoulder massager. It's not for masturbation. It's to massage your shoulders. No, really! Which is why it's traditionally been sold in family-style diners in Japan. Perhaps, the most infamous Hello Kitty-licensed product ever. $US20.

Top photo: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP



    Dude at work hooked me up with some Pocky for the first time recently - I've never looked back *munch munch munch*

    I've had my catherine figure preordered for months ;)

    すこく かわいい

      It's not "sukoku", but rather, "sugoku"..

    This is the worst article.

      And yet, you opened and read it... Interesting

    This reminds me when I was at manifest a girl went up to a dress and said it was "kowhy!" I was very confused for a moment. I knew she actually meant kawaii, but it sounded more like kowai which means scary.
    The dress was an adorable Katamari dress X3

    "Pre-painted Catherine Figure This is less “kawaii” and more “sekushii” (sexy)."

    For a guy who I was told is married with kids he sure comes across as a 13 year old whose never been with a woman let alone seen one naked outside of porn.

      Brian Ashcraft is basically the worst kind of Japan obsessed horrid person.

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