Pepper Spray Cop Is Now A Video Game Joke

Pepper Spray Cop Is Now A Video Game Joke

He sprayed Occupy movement protestors at the University of California, Davis with pepper spray last week. He seemed to do it nonchalantly. And now he’s become an internet meme (and his boss has been put on leave).

Armed with Photoshop, people have placed this Pepper Spray cop in many of history’s most important moments, recognising his potential to control rabble-rousers in the past, the present and even, of course, in Castlevania. He could be the star of Modern Warfare, too.

Pepper Spraying Cop [Tumblr]

The Pepper Spraying Cop Meme [BuzzFeed]


  • On the one hand what the cop did, and how did it, was pretty brutish. On the other hand, those protesters are so intensely irritating … equals out to a big nothing for me.

    Anyone else catch that fella holding that huge iPad up in both hands recording video? Struck me as kind of bizarre.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen a few people recording video on iPads… total fuckwits. There is almost a 100% chance their phone captures better video (assuming they have enough money for an iPad then they’re using a smartphone). It’s totally absurd.

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