Peter Molydeux Has A Message For His Fans

Peter Molydeux is easily one of the most hilarious people to follow on Twitter. A parody account of Peter Molyneux and his often incomprehensible design ideas, Peter Molydeux is one of the most loved voices in gaming -- but now he is gone. His twitter account has been removed, and we have no idea why. We've just gotten word that he's posted a youtube message that all fans of Molydeux should probably check out.

Earlier this year Katie Williams wrote a great profile piece on the man behind the Peter Molydeux account, and she's currently attempting to find out precisely why Peter Molydeux has been suspended from twitter. The above video provides few clues, and actually asks his fans to continue following the removed account. Confusing.

We'll update when and if Katie hears back!


    "and actually asks his fans to continue following the removed account" OR DOES IT?

    I was wondering why I hadn't seen any tweets from this great man. Although I don't really understand the video since the twitter profile has (as far as I know) always made it clear this was a parody account...

    Err, you have noticed that some other name appears for a split second at the end (while the Twitter address is showing)? I can't be slow it down, and I'm too lazy to confirm what it is, but it's there.

      I too noticed. THe pause button works great.!/dougiedeux/

    End of an era huh?
    I wonder if Dougie Deux is a fake account like!/optimisticindie/ or the Pmolydeux's actual creator...

    I still harbor an intense dislike of the man after the whole singing sword fiasco from fable, plus pretty much every PR announcement/ game feature turns out to not actually be in the final product

    I will miss you Peter!

    I wrote a short analysis of the impact of the account's closure using Brandwatch -

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