'Peter Molydeux' Speaks -- Why Was His Account Removed From Twitter?

The game developer behind the famous Peter Molydeux parody twitter account has made contact with Kotaku AU to let us know why his account was suspended.

"I've been in discussion with a few people at Lionhead," he tells us. "Their general thoughts regarding the account seem to be positive, but it's looking like they want me to change the use of the logo in the videos I've created, and to make it even more clear in my bio that the account is fake."

"It sounds like they do actually have people getting in contact asking about the fake prototype videos I've created, which I can understand must be frustrating."

In true Molydeux style, this new video to his fans is a witty take on the idea that people confuse him for the real thing. "It highlights just how insane the thought of any of this being real actually is."

He's currently waiting to hear back from Twitter.

"It's now up to Twitter to send me their suspension notice again after the first failed to reach me previously, so that I can make the changes that Lionhead want me to make," he said.

"I just wish Lionhead had got in touch with me first so this mess could have been avoided."

Molydeux is hopeful that his account will be reinstated. Kotaku Australia will be sure to announce when @petermolydeux is back up and running.


    excellent, my friends and I were lamenting his disappearance just a few days ago =)

    Because He could DO ANYTHING!

    So he deleted it, realizing he'll never make another good game.

    At least lionhead didn't say "SHUT THIS DOWN"

      True. I think the guys have a good sense of humour.They have heaps of it in their Fable games.
      I think they may just be a bit sick of the confusion.

      “I just wish Lionhead had got in touch with me first so this mess could have been avoided.”

      Sounds like they did didn't they?

    So on what grounds was his account suspended? Doesn't seem like he did anything wrong to me?

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